Since its establishment, Academy Club has reached 100,000s of people with its trainings. Using all our knowledge and experience in education, we have created mutual gains for both participants and companies by providing curriculum and instructor support to bootcamps organized by leading companies such as Trendyol, İş Bankası, Pazarama and Innova.

Be sure to contact us for our Bootcamps, which provide a significant reduction in the recruitment costs of companies, allow students to receive free training and help them gain corporate culture and technical skills during recruitment!

In terms of recruitment, we can also organize Hiring Challenge, Code Dojo, etc. with our program partners. Don’t forget to ask us for a presentation for alternatives!

Recruitment Bootcamp

Whether you’re building a new team or looking to increase the diversity of your team…

Together with our expert trainers, we create content that focuses on the technology used in-house by companies in their search for new young talents, where they can be involved in training processes.

Participants in the Bootcamp have the opportunity to get to know the company culture closely during the training and gain the chance to participate in teams. Companies have the opportunity to get to know the candidates they want to work with closely during this bootcamp. In this way, they can decide to work with people who they are sure of their skills and with whom they think they can achieve cultural harmony.

In-House Bootcamp


We said that education is the only way to keep up with rapidly changing and developing technology, and we designed bootcamps to help companies improve themselves, provide internal dynamism, and help employees improve their skills.

Together with our expert trainer staff, we undertake the entire training process by creating content for the needs of the company.


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