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With our individual training calendar with rich content to realize your organization’s training goals, we offer a large number of training topics in software, design, business world with the advantage of special bulk registration for your organization. Your employees can benefit from existing courses at special prices for your organization.

Available Trainings

Institution Specific

Academy Club prepares different training contents tailored to your needs and demands with our mentors and trainers who are experts in their fields and have strong practical knowledge. You can choose from different trainings in the fields of business, software, office productivity, lifestyle and personal development.

Design Education

It is believed that you are talking about development, just talking about in-class or online education. We aim to achieve these goals. We make it easy for corporate employees and teams to digitize. To achieve this, we provide new must-have competencies such as digital marketing, online content production, data learning and team coaching.

Atıl SamancıoğluAcademy Club Founder and CEO

Needs Assessment

After discussions with you, you will be able to identify teams and leaders
evaluation of training contents suitable for their needs

Design and Implementation

– Providing training solutions according to identified needs
– Online (interactive), Offline and institution-specific pre-recorded
offering online course alternatives

Tracking and Reporting

– Exams, project applications and questionnaires prepared according to the training content
as a result you are presented with a dashboard
– You can measure your organization’s benefit from the training by the individual participants.
measure their success

We carry out the trainings we specially design for your organization in the environment and platform you want. All technical infrastructure and organizational services related to education will also be provided by us.

Collective House Locations
Online Platform
Company Offices


We carry out the trainings we design specifically for your organization on the online platform of your choice or in all Kolektif House locations that we have an agreement with.




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