Erka Grup | React Bootcamp

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As Academy Club, in collaboration with Coderspace, we have prepared Erka React Bootcamp for those who want to set off from Turkey and continue their career journey with an innovative and dynamic team in a global technology company. With technological infrastructures and solutions at international standards, it implements technologies that will shape the future in the tourism and travel industry. In this Bootcamp, Basic Node.JS, ES6 Module System, Hello React, Working with Components, Working with Props, Working with States were discussed.

What is React?

React is the most preferred JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. React was developed in 2013 and launched by Facebook. If we talk about the benefits of using React, it is a very fast and time-saving system, provides fast loading time for websites, provides a modern and effective user experience, and allows the creation of a code base compatible with IOS and Android.

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