ICBC Turkey Bank | Creativity Training

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With ICBC Bank Turkey, which we included in the training programs during the year, we carried out the training on the 3 fractal progressive methodology of original creation with our trainer Tolgay Keskin.

With this training, it was aimed to develop a strategic and systematic perspective on the chaotic creative process. Detailed and deep thinking and effective expression were covered. The reasons for the blockages in creative processes and the methods of healthy evaluation of creative ideas were learned.

In the content of the conference, 3 fractal stages of creativity, good and ill-defined problems, philosophy of creativity, definitions, methods, creative person, process, product, creative thinking styles, compatible personality traits in creative stages, inefficient extremes and balances, psychopathologies in creative stages, integration of 6-hat thinking and design thinking methods were covered in detail.

What is Creativity?

Creativity is the ability to create something new and to have the ability to create. Being creative in business and private life goes through many stages and has a huge impact. By developing creativity, you can make yourself stand out among many people. In the business world, the differences between those who have a creative outlook and those who do not have a creative outlook are quite large.

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