Migros | Digital Marketing Trainings

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We organized Digital Marketing trainings with Migros, Turkey’s leading food retailer, as part of their annual training plans.

With the training contents planned as 4 modules in total, we have created an interactive training program full of Google Analytics, Marketing, Digital Marketing and Advertising Channels, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Applied SEO / ASO topics for their teams. Taking 5 different subjects separately, they reinforced what they learned in theory with short assignments and interactive workshops with our experienced instructor.


What is Digital Marketing?

In the world of technology, digital marketing is a more advantageous and desirable marketing method than today’s media tools.

Digital marketing tools such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO/ASO/UX and Google Analytics can be measured, easily managed and easily directed to direct sales, products and services with low budgets.

What are the Advantages of Digital Marketing?

Internet users can quickly communicate with the product or information they see advertised by e-mailing, commenting, contacting live contact and get service quickly. With digital marketing techniques, the target audience is identified and clear results can be achieved quickly. It is less costly than normal media methods. Big yields can be achieved with small budgets. With Analytics, customer behavior analysis can be performed and improvements can be made accordingly.

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