Flutter Mobile Development

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Online Flutter Mobile Development

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Aziz Dilsiz
6 weekends (80 hours)
30 people



With Flutter, which has become very popular, mobile applications can be written for both iOS and Android platforms at the same time.

By learning Flutter, the rising star of the last period, you will become the sought-after star of the sector.

Training Hours: 10:00 – 17:00 (Saturday-Sunday)

Course Program

  • Day 1 (Entrance)
    • What is Flutter?
    • Why Flutter?
    • Flutter Setups

    Day 2 (Basic Darts)

    • Basic Application
    • Comment lines
    • Variables and Constants
    • Numbers
    • String – Posts
    • Bool
    • Lists
    • Maps
    • Functions
    • Defining a function and sending a value
    • Operators
    • Conditions and Loops
    • While and Do – While
    • Break, Switch case
    • Exceptions
    • Object Oriented Programming

    Day 3 (Flutter App Creation)

    • Anatomy of a flutter
    • Detailed explanation via Base Flutter App
      – Material App
      – Scaffold
      – Container
      – Row / Column
      – Expended widget
      – Lists
      – Icon usage
      – ImageView
      – Assets
      – Button Text vs form elements
      – Drawer Widget / Navigation Bar
      Running the sample application on a real device

    Day 4 (Code Writing)

    • Layout challenge
    • Business Card Application
    • Storing the written applications on Github
    • Simple UI Homework

    Day 5 (Flutter level 2)

    • Decoration
    • Gestures
    • Using Alertview
    • custom font
    • SharedPreferences
    • Toast Messages
    • Routes (page traversal, parameter passing)
    • Animations
    • List species,

    Day 6 (OOP)

    • Class and Object
    • Constructor
    • Getter Setter private values
    • Heredity and Polymorphism
    • Catch the Kenny

    Day 7 (http, Json, Sqlite)

    • Json
    • What is an API?
    • FutureBuilder
    • StreamBuilder
    • Sqlite
    • Bloc Pattern
    • Provider Package

    Day 8 (Firebase)

    • Open Firebase project
    • Android firebase setup
    • IOS firebase setup
    • Firebase flutter packages
    • Firebase Auth
    • FireStore

    Day 9 (Firebase chat application)

    • App design and screens
    • Login with FirebaseAuth
    • Firestore data logging
    • Fetching data from Firestore using Stream

    Day 10 (Firebase chat application)

    • App design and continuation of screens

    Day 11 (Various Libraries & App coding)

    • Google Maps
    • URL Launcher
    • Image Picker
    • Analytics
    • Webview
    • VideoPlayer
    • ScreenUtıl
    • Currency Converter

    12. Day (Application coding)

    • Twitter Clone app


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.

Prerequisites & Requirements

You do not need to have any prior experience to take the training.

Who is Aziz Dilsiz?

Aziz Dilsiz has been serving the software industry for many years and has been working in the software development team within since 2014. Aziz, who started the industry as a backend developer and started to develop IOS (Swift) and Android since 2015, has been porting his existing projects to Flutter for 2 years.

Aziz, who always found himself in a new search when he worked as a backend developer, started to develop Android with the confidence of his command of Java and managed to realize the magic of mobile devices and the desire to touch the end user.

In 2006, Aziz took his first step in the sector as a JR Software Specialist at Triptek and then completed critical tasks such as Elkotek (Mid Level), Bilyoner (Mid Level), Sahibinden (SR Dev.), Tart New Media (SR Dev.), Mekanist (S. Architect), AGMLAB (Lead Dev.).


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