Game Programming Training with Unity 3D

Game Programming Training with Unity 3D

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Are you interested in game development, have great ideas but don’t know how to get started?

“Game Programming Training with Unity 3D” offers a program that starts from scratch and gets you ready to publish your game on app stores.

The course starts with mastering the 3D Unity space, then moves on to developing environment designs and the programming side.

At the end of the training, you will have a basic knowledge of C# language and you will be able to develop your own 2D and 3D games and present these games to the game market.

About Education


Unity Hub and Visual Studio Download

Unity Hub Introduction

Creating a Project with Unity Hub

Introduction to Unity Interface

Customize the Unity Interface

Navigation in 3D Unity Space

Introduction to Components

Prefab Concept

Material Shader and Texture Concepts


Experiments with Primitive Objects

First C# Programming Example

Unity 3D features

Introduction to 3D Lighting

Factors Affecting Light on Stage

Directional Light

Point Light



Reflection Probe and Light Probes

Universal Render Pipeline

Package Manager

Texture Maps


Terrain Tool

Terrain Tool Box

Terrain Part 1-2-3-4

Packages we will use in the sequel

We Add Additional Packages to the Project

Vegetation and Other Elements

Wind Fields and Sky Cube Maps

Adding Elements to Complement the Scene

Adding Fog

Introduction to Final Refinishing Post Process


ProGrid and ProBuilder

ProGrid and ProBuilder Tools

About ProGrid Tool

About ProBuilder Tool

New Polygon Shapes with ProBuilder Tool

Fast Level Design with ProBuilder Tool


Closed Area

Introduction to Indoor Environmental Design

Downloading the Content to be Used


Interior Space

Interior Level Design

Final Retouching Post Process


Shader Graph


Particulate System



VFX Graph





Primitive Data Types

Mathematical Operators

Array Variables


Control Structures

If-else Control Structures

Control Structures

Single Line Control Structure Single If Line

Switch Case Control Structure



While Loop

While Loop

For Loop

Array Example with For Loop

Foreach Loop



Parameterized Methods That Do Not Return Data

Method Overloading Method Overloading



Constructive Methods in Classrooms


Objective Programming

Encapsulation Encapsulaation

Inheritance Inharitance

Abstraction Abstraction

Polymorphism Polymorphism


Unity 3D

Interface Structures

List Usage List


Method Types

Awake and Update Method Types

OnEnable OnDisable Methods

OnTrigger and OnCollision Methods


Class Types

Math Class Mathf

About MonoBehavior Classroom

Transform and Vector Classes


Unity 3D features

Instantiate Function and Random Range

Creating a Coroutine

Input Input Class


Platform Game

Introduction to Platform Gaming

Layer and Tag Concepts

Motion Functions with Physics Engine

Camera Programming

Synchronizing Performance between Players with Deltatime


Input Manager

Input Manager Input Manager

Acting with the Input Manager


Level Design with Obstacles


Game Part 1

Tag Usage with OnCollision Method

Game Manager Game Manager

Creating a Starting Method with Routines

Routines and Initial Programming

Object Creation and Rotation Programming for Score

UI Interface

Score Programming

In-Game Menus

Animation and Animator Departments

In-Game Panel Animation

Level Rankings and Index Numbers Build Settings

End of Level Programming

Alternative Method of Losing and Starting the Game

Show End of Section Total Score on the Interface

Edits to Level Visual Design

Final Retouching Post Process

Main Menu Design

Main Menu Programming

In-Game Menu Access and Programming

Finalizing Menus and Adding In-Game Music

In-Game Use of Sound Effects


Game Part 2

Video Viewpoint and Camera Settings

Level Design

Player Controller

Player Controller

Ground Detection with RayCast

Game Losing Mechanics

Losing Interface

Loss Interface Programming

Button Methods and Game Manager Connections

Random Point System

Adjustments to the scoring system

In-Game Scoring Interface

Level Up

End of Level Score and Interface Tweaks

Object Effect



Game Part 3

Character Controller Component

Providing Mouse Movement on X axis

Restricted Movement of Mouse on Y Axis

Character Movement Mechanics

Creating Gravity

Ground Detection Mechanics

Gravity Compensation

Jump Mechanics

Player Controller Editing

Character Health and Damage Recovery Mechanics

Enemy Mechanics Initiation

Adjustment of Weapon Coordinates

Detection with Raycast

Damage Control with Raycast

Cursor Creation

Visual Effects

Details about Level Design

Level Design

Models and Animations with Miximo

Model Settings

Navmesh Agent

Enemy Artificial Intelligence

Enemy Attack Mechanics

Enemy Animations

Animation Programming

Recent Adjustments to Player Damage Taking Mechanics

Player Can Graphic

Player Can Graph Programming

Score System Interface

Game Manager Programming

In-Game Menus

In-Game Menus and Game Manager Link

New Level Transition Mechanics

Win Menu Programming

Enemy Extinction Effect

Enemy Energy Source Shader Effect

Energy Source and Game Completion Object

Control Enemy Projectile Effect

Finishing and Lighting

Lighting Details with Reflection Probe

SSAO and Other Refinements

Damage Taking Effect

200b Recent Changes Related to Raycast

Sound Effects

Main Menu

Game Test

Who Should Receive the Training?

  • Those who want to have programming skills
  • Those who want to master the game development process
  • People working in game development companies
  • Those who want to develop games with the Unity game engine,
  • Those who want to learn 3D level designs,
  • Those who want to work in related departments of companies

Plan this training institutionally!

This training can be planned in different durations and content specific to your organization. Please contact us for detailed rich content and planning to realize your training objectives.

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