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Hands-on UX & UI Training

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Test automation is becoming more widespread and important day by day. In today’s world where processes are becoming agile, test automation projects gain strategic importance for test teams to become agile.

The most valid way to create quality and effective digital services, products or platforms is to design a unique and lasting experience.

With this training, you will learn unique and original user experience design from scratch and you will have the opportunity to apply it practically. In the training process, all the principles of how to make easy-to-learn and aesthetic interface designs are explained in detail, as well as the originalization and strengthening of experience design.

In Figma, the most preferred UX/UI software in the industry, you will learn exactly how to design websites and mobile apps in a comprehensive way from the best instructors in the industry and create great user experiences as a UX and UI Designer.

About Education

Module 1: User Experience, Interaction Design and Basic Concepts
The concept of user experience
User experience design
Principles of interaction design
Visual thinking techniques
Classification of applications
Types of technological devices and interface characteristics
Information flow and management in digital applications
Successful best practices from the sector

Module 2: Introduction to User Experience Research and Techniques
Defining user research and research questions
Connection diagram and relationship network
Qualitative research techniques and analysis methods
Data collection techniques
Contextual interview techniques
Benchmarking: competitor analysis techniques
Identify and define product value perception

Module 3: Service Design
Basic principles of service design
User-centered design
Design thinking approach and techniques in service design

Module 4: Information Architecture
Information architecture concept and creation techniques
Information design and principles
In-app routing (Navigation)
Prioritization and classification of information

Module 5: Visualizing the User Experience Idea, Interface Elements
Visual representation of the project idea
Project idea visualization techniques
Basic design principles
Interface graphic elements

Module 6: The Role and Impact of Unique Interface Patterns in User Experience
Interface pattern concept
Interface component creation techniques

Module 7: Prototyping
Prototyping concept
Prototyping types and applications

Module 8: Project Presentations and Mid-term Jury Evaluation
Participant projects are evaluated and critiqued by experts

Module 9: Design System
Design system creation techniques
User guide and interface kit management
Interface design on common file
Creating a design language and library
User experience team management and workflow management

Module 10: The Importance and Effects of Color, Typography and Data Visualization in Interface Design
Basic typography concepts
Principles and principles of typography
Use of typography in interface design
Readability and legibility
Color theory
The effect and importance of color in design, usage criteria
Color palette selection criteria

Module 11: Advanced Prototyping and Interface Animations
Interface animation design
Interface animation types
Transition animations and prototyping

Module 12: Packaging and Optimization for the Development Phase
Interface optimization techniques
Interface organization and packaging for development
Export techniques
Collecting and analyzing data from user experience metrics
Evaluate the results of usability tests

Who Should Receive the Training?

  • People who are curious about UI/UX and want to improve themselves in this field,
  • Mobile application owners or people who want to develop interfaces in this field,
  • People who want to continue their careers in this field and people who are interested in this field,
  • Web and Mobile Designers,
  • Web and Mobile application developers,
  • Project Managers,
  • Product Managers/Managers,
  • Enterprise Architecture Specialists,
  • System Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Digital Marketing Experts,
  • Those working in software and design departments,
  • Anyone who wants to make more effective websites and mobile apps.

Plan this training institutionally!

This training can be planned in different durations and content specific to your organization. Please contact us for detailed rich content and planning to realize your training objectives.

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