.Net Core Programming Training

.Net Core Programming Training

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.NET Core library ranked 3rd most popular in StackOverflow’s 2019 Developer Survey. It is a library.

.NET Core is an open source development platform supported by Microsoft and .NET.

With .NET Core, platform independent applications can be developed. If you want your application to run on more than one platform, you can develop an application with .NET Core.

By learning .NET Core, your chances of accessing national and international job opportunities will increase!

About Education

Introduction to .Net Core
Object Oriented Programming
NET Core and Full Framework Comparison
ASP.NET Core Overview.NET Core SDK
Installation, Command Line Interface (CLI)
Hello World ApplicationASP.NET Core Application Architecture
NuGet Packages
Application Initiation
Hosting Environments
Middleware and Request Pipeline
Services and Addiction Injection
MVC and Razor PagesFlatList

Module 2
Object-Relational Mapping
Entity Framework (EF) Core
Dapper ORMControllers
Responsibilities, Requirements and Rules, Dependencies
Action ResultsImaging
Razor Syntax, Layouts
ViewData and ViewBag
Final Written Views, Partial Views
HTML and URL Helpers
HTML Forms, Form Tag Helper, Input Tag Helper

Module 3
Model Linking Data validation
Data Explanations
What is ORM and Entity Framework?
Working Logic with Entity Framework Core
Entity Framework Core Installation
Entity Classes, Context Class
Creating the Database-Migrations, Database Queries
Adding Test Data
Database Schema Update-Migrations
MsSQL: Working with Different Database Providers
Data Annotations & Fluent Api
Model Linking
Input Tag Assistants, Validation Tag AssistantsApplication Status
Client Side and Server Side
HttpContext.Items, Session State
TempDataError management
Developer Exception PageLogging

Module 4
Best Apps
HTTP Error Status Codes
Status Code Pages
Developer Exception Page, Logging
Configuration, ILogger, Serilog and SeqTest
Unit Testing, Test Controllers
Integration TestingVerification
Demand Based AuthorizationWeb APIs
API Checkers, testing APIs

Module 5
OpenAPI (Swagger)
Cross-Resource Resource Sharing (CORS)
MicroservicesRemote Procedure Calls (gRPC)
ASP.NET Core Module
Open Web Interface for .NET (OWIN)
Using Identity Server
.Net Core Microservices Ocelot Api Gateway

Who Should Receive the Training?

Develop web applications,
Developing cloud-based applications,
It is for anyone who wants to work with different database systems such as MSSQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL.

Plan this training institutionally!

This training can be planned in different durations and content specific to your organization. Please contact us for detailed rich content and planning to realize your training objectives.

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