Online: Brand Building and Sustaining Strategies Training


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Online: Brand Building and Sustaining Strategies Training

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Melis Erdogan
2 days at the weekend (8 Clock)
30 people


Training Hours: Saturday – Sunday : 11:00-15:00

“Marka yolculuğu, markayı kurmaktan öteye gittiğinde heyecanı süren, kişiyi geliştiren ve büyüten dinamik bir deneyim. Hayalinizdeki markayı oluşturmak için ihtiyacınız olan doğru bir yol haritası. Bu eğitimde teorinin yanı sıra pratiklerle de bir marka yolculuğu yapacağız ve kafanızdaki soru işaretlerini cevaplayacağız.”

Melis Erdoğan

Why Should You Take This Training?

The person who completes the training will learn how to create a brand from scratch, how to position it and how to open it to the international market. A guiding map will be provided for both those who want to build their own brand and those who have already built their brand but have questions about what to do with it. For those working in brand management, sales, marketing and business development in the corporate field, it will be a training that will help to gain a 360-degree vision.

What are the reference jobs that participants can do at the end of the training?

Participants will be able to progress in the field of directing their own brands, as well as having the knowledge to work in areas where they can accompany the journeys of growing brands from Turkey, which is a very strong country in the field of production.

Course Program

What is a brand and how to create one? What do we call a brand?
Brand name, logo, patent, website creation process
How to conduct market research for a brand?
What is competitor brand analysis and what does it do?

What is the brand creation process, how to create a brand identity?
How to set up a trademark and a related company? How many types of companies are there? Which company type should be preferred according to what?
Finding the right producer, production stages, process management.
Completion of brand visual identity.

How will we sell our product?
Social media and digital marketing + influencer marketing
How to create a domestic and international sales network?
How should market research, localization and marketing for overseas markets? How should the sales network and processes be built? Establishing agreements with sales points.
How to test the reliability of the company to work for?
Types of domestic and international sales (incoterms, terms).
Necessary import and export information.
How to expand a brand abroad? What documents are required for overseas sales?

What is after-sales follow-up and operation, how to ensure perfection?
What is customer satisfaction? The importance of customer loyalty and references.
Inventory tracking and the importance of accounting.
Methods of increasing company turnover according to the field of work performed.

Various scenario examples


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.

Who is Melis Erdoğan?

Born in 1986 in Istanbul, Melis Erdogan graduated from Saint Joseph’s High School and started studying International Relations at Koç University. After her sophomore year, she transferred to Drexel University in Philadelphia with a Merit Scholarship and majored in International Business and Economics with minors in Marketing and French. After her return to Turkey, she worked in various sectors in the field of international account management, mainly in PR, international sales and product management. Then, in 2016, he founded Kia Ora, a leather bag brand positioned in the luxury segment. During the brand management period, he gave Business Development consultancy to various brands that wanted to enter Turkey from abroad. Currently, she supports the LA-based Else Lingerie brand in the fields of International Sales and Business Development.


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Melis Erdoğan