Online: Creative Process 101 Training


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Online: Creative Process 101 Training

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Tolgay Keskin
Weekend 1 day (2 hours)
20 people


“Tür olarak yaratıcılık hepimizin doğuştan özelliği. Mesleki ayrışmalar ve özelleşmelerle yaratıcılık sanki sadece belli alanlara özgü, belli insanlara bağışlanmış, mistik bir yetenek olarak algılanmaya başlamış. Bu negatif geribildirim döngüsünde, kullanılmayan kasların zayıflaması gibi, yaratıcılık da antrenman yapmadıkça paslanmış. Özellikle, sürekli yakınsak düşüncenin hâkim olduğu ve monoton, tepeden inme, kuralcı ve didaktik uğraşlar ile günlerin geçtiği çağımızda, en has yaşama güdülerimizden biri olan özgür yaratıcı özelliğimiz sürekli körelmiş. Artık yaratıcılığımızı yeniden fark etme zamanı!”

Tolgay KeskinFounder of Filtre Platform

Training Hours : Sunday 11:00-13:00

Why Should You Take This Training?

As we train and enjoy creative thinking, new neural networks begin to form in the brain. You will be more agile, practical, positive/humorous, flexible; in other words, you will be able to think creatively, develop plenty of alternatives and enthusiastically explore different solutions in a positive way. You will be able to deepen your knowledge on creativity from the recommended sources.

Course Program

In this training* the technical and psychological dynamics of the creative process, the 3-stage methodology proposed by Tolgay will be explained with examples and reinforced with group exercises. Collective awareness will be raised by talking about what harms us and the importance of original creation.

*This training can be taken before the personalized “Individual Creation Coaching” training organized by Kolektif Academy.

Narration 1:

Definitions and theories of creativity

Well and patient defined problems

Basic design concepts and creative operations of the brain

Ways of thinking in creativity

Narration 2:

3 stages of creation

The psychopathology of creation

Control of opposite extremes in the creative process

Stagnation in creativity


Improvisation and jazz

Experiment and rehearse

Imitation and archetype


What hurt us?

The importance of original creation

What have we created?

Resource suggestions

Who Should Participate?

Corporate employees who want to think innovatively and alternatively, those interested in plastic arts, written arts, performing arts, students of design and art departments, anyone interested in creativity can participate.

End of Training Outcomes and Reference Works

End of training outcomes:

Remembering that you are creative
To gain awareness and courage about the stages of creativity, methods, ways of thinking, psychopathologies and originality
Reinforcing appropriate/efficient and flexible thinking
Reclaiming the courage to improvise
Develop creative prototypes as a result of group work

Reference jobs that participants can do at the end of the training

To gain awareness and courage about the stages and methods of original creativity
To think flexibly and creatively
Having the courage to improvise
To be informed about creativity methods
Helping its own sector by developing innovative ideas
To enrich existing design/creation languages with this new methodology learned


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.

Who is Tolgay Keskin?

Tolgay, who started his life in Antalya in 1986, graduated from Private Üsküdar American High School and Yeditepe University Department of Architecture with honors, worked as an architect at TeCe Architecture and Nevzat Sayın Architecture Services and as a research assistant at Yeditepe University Department of Architecture for one year. She was also accepted and trained as a jazz vocalist at ITU Architectural Design Informatics Master Program and Bahçeşehir University Jazz School. In 2016, he founded 34728 Architecture-Design with Y. Architect Tarık Emre Kırhallı in Finike and Istanbul.

Founded in 2018, Filtre Platform has organized transdisciplinary club meetings, talks, workshops and exhibitions on art/design in various cafes and exhibition spaces in Istanbul. Filtre Platform’s works have been published in Gazete Kadıköy and various art websites and magazines.

Example works:

Designed by 34728 Architecture/Design with its partner, Uzun Yol (Long Road), the expedition they designed with their partner, has been practiced many times in various cafes in Istanbul and Design Workshop Kadıköy (TAK), and has been a guest on TRT Radio.

Filter Platform, which organized events such as Improvised Urban Exploration, Creating Disciplines, and Rehearsals with Istanbul University Landscape Architecture Student Community (PEMÖT) and MEF FADA in addition to public spaces, actively worked with Design Workshop Kadıköy (TAK).

Together with TAK, he organized the 12-hour Coincidences Festival, which included 40 artists/designers and 28 events, and presented the Design Grocery Store and the Box of Unnecessities exhibitions with clinical psychologist Nursel Akhan at the Halka Art Gallery, as well as the Rehearsals workshop and exhibition at the Halka Art Gallery. His biggest work is a 60-meter interactive track installation called“Suspended December” and an experimental concert called“Suspended Moment“, which he designed and implemented with a large team of multidisciplinary artists at I ME CE.

As a creative coach, Tolgay aims to bring out the creative potential in the people he works with, while continuing his research on unique spatial fiction focusing on the concepts of “encounters and domestic life together”.


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