Online Film Analysis Workshop


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Online Film Analysis Workshop

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Artography Academy
2 weekdays (5 hours)
20 people


“Sinemaya ilgi duyan ve hobisini daha kaliteli bir hobi olarak sürdürmek isteyen; sinematografik ve senaryo metotları hakkında bilgi edinirken; hikâye anlatıcılığı, karakterin yolculuğu, psikoloji, eğitim metotları, sinemada kostüm, çekim planları, objeler gibi farklı disiplinlerle beraber etkileşimi yüksek film okuması yapmak isteyen kişilere yönelik film analizi atölyesi serisi başlıyor.”

Uğur TuncaFounder of Sanatografi Akademi

Training Hours: 19:30 – 22:00 (Monday-Thursday)

Why Should You Take This Training?

Participants will learn about Directors-Films-Cinema Elements, examine the characters in the films and film reading in a collective experience, and will also get individual answers about their lives.

Participants of the “Film Analysis” course will be able to look at the films from a different perspective in terms of general culture at the end of the 2-day training and will discover many details that they could not notice before while watching these 2 films that have been watched by most of the audience. And in the new movies they will watch, they will have a different perspective on the big picture.

Course Program

Day 1:

An Art Branch Film / Music

“Whiplash” – Damien Chazelle

Day 2:

A World Cinema Movie

“Once Upon a Time in Anatolia” – Nuri Bilge Ceylan

  • Movie Reading
  • Character Analysis (Structure, Conflict, Motivation)
  • Character Axis
  • Screenplay Methodology: Story A – B – C
  • Scenario Curve
  • Visual Expression Vs. Oral Expression
  • Spatial Story
  • The Language of Character Costumes in Cinematography
  • Screenplay Methodology: Tone of the Film, Status Quo of the Film, Turning Points in the Screenplay
  • Subtextual Analysis of the Movie
  • The Contribution of Accessories to the Film
  • Interesting Facts About the Movie
  • Movie Tagline
  • Director’s Tag
  • Recommended Movies and Movie Scenes

Some questions you can find answers to in interactive movie readings:

  • Which character do we identify with and follow?
  • What are the meanings of the objects used in the movie ?
  • What do the colors of the clothes the characters wear represent ?
  • Why does a letter or a mirror enter the square?
  • What are the purposes of different uses of camera angles ?
  • What is the function of the connection between music and cinema?
  • How does the hero’s journey begin? How does it end?
  • How is their character development shaped?
  • How do the personal characteristics and psychology of the characters contribute to the story?

Who Should Participate?

It is aimed at people who are interested in cinema and want to pursue their hobby as a higher quality hobby; who want to learn about cinematographic and script methods while doing interactive film reading with different disciplines such as storytelling, psychology, history, educational methods and biographies.

Prerequisites & Requirements

Our lessons are interactive and enriched by your participation. For this reason, it is necessary to watch the movie.


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.

Sanatografi Academy /Who is Uğur Tunca?

Uğur Tunca, who received training from private acting and cinema schools, worked as a director and actor in METU Theater Club for many years during his university years. During his undergraduate education in METU Mechanical Engineering, he continued his academic art education with courses such as Film Analysis, Art and Jazz History, Theater History. In 2016, she founded Sanatografi with the dream of a team to create her own productions.

Sanatografi has produced and staged two theater, three stand-up and one interactive theater work in 4 years. Sanatografi, which currently creates its own series and cinema projects with its script team, has an academy consisting of many courses such as creative writing, acting in front of the camera, creative drama, basic-advanced acting, improvisational theater, art and science.


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