Online Hero’s Success Template Tutorial


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Online Hero's Success Template Tutorial

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Sinan Pekşen
1 day (4 hours)
30 people


“Döngüsel ilerleyiş, içinde yaşadığımız evren için nasıl vazgeçilmez bir ilke ise, insan da günden güne, irili ufaklı devinim ve dönüşümlerle, eş deyişle kendine ve içinde yaşadığı nesnel dünyaya doğru yaptığı simgesel ve fiziksel yolculuklarla, değişir, gelişir, farkındalığını arttırarak yeni bir insana dönüşür.Yola çıkmadan başaramazsınız, başarmadan kendinizi gerçekleyemez, kendinizi gerçeklemeden yaşamış sayılmazsınız. Her birimizin yaşamı yolculuk metaforu ile modellenebilir ve kişisel başarıya götüren yol, evrensel ve kadim bir şablonla ortaya çıkarılabilir. İnsan yaklaşık 300 bin yıldır aynı döngüsel yolculuğu sonsuz kez deneyimlemekte ama her döngünün sonunda edindiği tüm tecrübe ve yeni yeteneklerle kendini yeniden ve yeniden inşa ederek önceki insanı tarihin onurlandıracağı yerde bırakarak ilerlemesine devam etmektedir.”

Sinan PekşenCo-Founder of Değişim Ustaları

Training Hours: 11:00 – 15:00 (Saturday)

Why Should You Take This Training?

Do you know that there is an ancient pattern of success that has been filtered through thousands of years? And to apply this formula, you only need to think! It doesn’t matter what geography, time, culture or society you live in, because this method is universal and easily understood. We are waiting for you if you want to go on this journey together, which has proven itself thousands of times and transforms ordinary people into achievers!

Course Program

In this adventure from mythology to philosophy, from poetry to the novel, from Sufism to contemporary cinema, and of course – most precious and importantly – to our own lives, we will witness the intellectual processes that transform Plato’s cave escapee into a philosopher, and Nietzsche’s slave-like herd man into an Übermensch. Just as İhsan Oktay Anar says, “… the greatest happiness in this world is to be a witness of this world.” Let’s start today to realize ourselves, to achieve ourselves, to be our own witnesses. A heartfelt salute to Heidegger’s DaSein here and now!

The Present of the Hero (Objectification)

Possibilities of the Hero (Conceptualization)

Fears of the Hero (Conceptualization)

The New World of the Hero (Association)

The Hero’s Elixir (Theorizing)

Who Should Participate?

Don’t miss this training for those who want to make success a way of life, those who want to realize themselves and change their mindset, all success-oriented managers and team members, company employees at all levels, new employees and those with career goals!


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.

Who is Sinan Pekşen?

After graduating from TED Ankara College in 1990, Sinan Pekşen entered METU Aeronautical Engineering Department to be close to airplanes, a dream of his since childhood. He received his bachelor’s degree in 1994 and his master’s degree in 1997. In 2003, he completed the Executive MBA program of the University of Maine in cooperation with Marmara University.

He is currently a PhD student at Maltepe University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Philosophy and also continues his academic learning and teaching processes simultaneously as a lecturer in the Aircraft Technologies Program at the same university.

During his time at TAI, Pekşen worked as a design engineer on many international projects with companies such as Boeing, Airbus and Lockheed. During his years at Petrol Ofisi, he experienced important competencies such as corporate sales, customer management, working with budgets and targets for nearly five years. In 2006, she stepped into the consultancy sector as a branch manager with an attractive offer from Adecco, the global and Turkish leader of the human resources sector. Sinan Pekşen, who has been working in the same sector for fourteen years, assumed the direct management of a team of approximately 40 people as Assistant General Manager in Randstad Turkey organization, another leading company in the sector, in 2015.

Pekşen’s biggest passion is to acquire knowledge and share it in a clear, simple but rich language. She currently provides services in corporate and individual development, consultancy, employee satisfaction and recruitment. She provides trainings on Leadership, Team Management, Individual Development and Organizational Transformation Process Management, Feedback Culture and Human Resources.

He is the father of a daughter and a voracious reader. Philosophy, history, technology and science are areas of special interest.


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