Online: Journey to Positivity with Meditation


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Online: Journey to Positivity with Meditation

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Nihan Kemankas
4 weekdays (6 hours)
30 people


“Hayatın koşuşturması içinde farkındalıkla ve huzur dolu bir mola vermek isteyenler için dizayn edilmiş bu aktif ve uygulamalı eğitimde kendi içsel benliğinizle doğrudan irtibat kurabilir ve hayatınızda beklenmedik, sürpriz açılımlar elde edebilirsiniz.”

Nihan KemankaşExecutive Mind Coaching & Training & Consulting

Training Hours: 20:30 – 22:00

July 20-22(Monday-Wednesday)

July 27-29(Monday-Wednesday)

Why Should You Take This Training?

In each class, we actively engage with different topics that directly affect our lives, first raising our awareness of these topics and then actively practicing guided meditation that complements the relevant concept. Participants are given the right to ask questions and receive answers during each lecture.

Take a look at the experiences you will add to yourself for only 4 days in the Journey to Positivity with Meditation training we prepared with Nihan Kemankaş!

  • Relaxes
  • Allows you to see the problems you can’t solve
  • Gives peace of mind
  • It shows you your own strength
  • You become more tolerant and forgiving
  • Love becomes more manifest
  • Heals relationships
  • Turns negative subconscious patterns into positive ones
  • Creates awareness
  • Opening lives
  • It feels good.

Course Program

Monday, July 20 Frequencies and Frequency Raising
Wednesday, July 22: Relationships and Love Meditation
Monday, July 27th Bodily Healing Meditation
Wednesday, July 29: Abundance Meditation

LESSON 1: Frequencies

60 minutes Dr. David HawkinWe will talk about the frequency of everything that gs measures and how the frequency of our emotions, the frequency of our thoughts affects us.

10 minutes. Questions and answers from participants on this topic

20 minutes. We will do a meditative work where we will raise our frequency with active participation.


50 minutes. We will talk about relationships and the problems we have in relationships.

10 minutes. There will be a question and answer session.

30 minutes. we will actively practice guided Meditation (with music).
Our aim will be to open the channel of Love, either to our inner self or to a person with whom we have a problem but cannot find a solution. With this meditation we will intend to heal all kinds of relationships.


50 minutes. Loise L. Hay based teachings will talk about the thoughts and feelings in the mind that cause physical illnesses. In this course, we will make people aware of the negative thoughts that deform both their lives and their bodies.

10 minutes. Question and answer

30 minutes. We will do guided Meditation using active (musical) frequencies and colors. With this Meditation, people can get rid of migraines and physical pain immediately, and they can also cure some chronic pain.


50 minutes. In this course, where we will question our belief patterns about Abundance and Abundance, up to the relationships with our Subconscious and our Parents, it is aimed to raise awareness on issues related to “Money” and Abundance chronically.

10 minutes. Question and Answer

30 minutes. We will connect with the Source and plant the seeds of abundance and fertility in our minds through an active, guided (Musical) meditation.


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.

Who is Nihan Kemankas?

She is an expert, trainer and NLP Master who has been dedicated to the transcendental awakening and transformation of people for the last 8 years, experienced in Subconscious Behavior, relationships, quantum Thinking technique, Performance.

After working for 16 years in managerial positions in International Companies, she managed to overcome the severe depression she experienced with the NLP Coaching she received and focused on trainings in this field, Life Coaching, NLP, Quantum, Subconscious and Behavior Trainings, and after the transformations she experienced in her life, she continues to work actively in the field of Personal Development with the offers from her environment, both individually and in Corporate, to make people happier, peaceful and achieve what they want.

Nihan graduated from Hacettepe University, German Language Education and is currently a student at IU Department of Sociology. She is the founder of the Free Dreams Platform where women entrepreneurs are supported, trained and mentored and lives in Istanbul with her two sons.


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