Online Personal Social Media Consulting Session


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Online Personal Social Media Consulting Session

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Deniz Bulutsuz
Weekend | Kpersonalized date and time will be determined
Individual Session


“Kişisel olarak sahip olduğunuz, yönettiğiniz ya da sıfırdan kurmak istediğiniz bir Instagram profili ile ilgili kafanızdaki tüm soruları cevaplamak üzere kurgulanacak bir seansa hoş geldiniz!”

Deniz BulutsuzCo-Founder at OnDakka

Who is Deniz Bulutsuz?

Deniz Bulutsuz, a graduate of Galatasaray University, French Language and Literature, has worked as a Special Projects Specialist for Vogue and GQ Magazines for 3 years and as the Social Media Editor of GQ Turkey for the last 2 years. Having studied Fashion Management at Istanbul Moda Academy, Deniz planned a career in the fashion and event sectors to establish the connection between the consumer, brand and digital media in the most sincere and accurate way. Combining the experience she gained in her corporate life with her dynamic business execution approach, Deniz now serves brands in social media, events and PR at OnDakka, the creative agency she co-founded.

What will we do?

In addition to a question-and-answer session on the topics you need, we will learn together how a brand’s Instagram strategy, language and visual integrity should be handled from scratch. During the session, whether you are creating an account from scratch or have just taken over an existing account, we will examine and build together what kind of strategy you should follow through different examples. You can think of this session as a personalized “Instagram Management Workshop”.

What are the topics you can ask about?

How to analyze and build brand identity?
How to create visual integrity / a cohesive feed?
How to find the most appropriate language for the brand?
How should stories be constructed?
How to reach wider audiences?
How to advertise through posts and stories?
Apps that can be used
Mistakes to avoid


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.


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