Expert Trainers

We provide comprehensive trainings to our participants with our teaching staff consisting of many proven trainers who are experts in their fields.

Corporate & Individual Trainings

We carry out different training contents prepared for your needs and demands both individually and specifically for your organization with Academy Club expert trainers.

Sector Collaborations

We are a partner in the digitalization processes of institutions with the trainings we organize for different sectors and needs, especially the 1 million software developers project we continue in cooperation with Google and the ICTA.

Hello everyone,

I’m Atil Samancioglu.
I am the founder and CEO of Academy Club. For many years, I had the opportunity to provide online and offline trainings to hundreds of thousands of students in the fields of software, technology and cyber security. In order to make better use of this know-how, we established the Academy Club, where we will provide individual and corporate trainings with Turkey’s most valuable instructors.

Academy Club has touched the lives of more than 100,000 students with its trainings on software, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, cyber security, leadership and personal development. With its corporate collaborations, it has become a complete training solution partner by meeting not only in-house training but also all external, synchronous and asynchronous training needs. If you have any training needs within your organization, we would be very happy to welcome you at Academy Club.


Asli Karabay

Product & Strategy Manager

Merve Sengul

Sales & Operations Manager

Nazli Albayrak

Sales & Marketing Associate

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