Answers to all your questions are here!

Where and when are the trainings given?

We carry out the trainings that we design specifically for your organization in the company environment you want, on the online platform or in all Kolektif House locations that we have an agreement with. For individual trainings, we recommend that you check the training detail page for the location and time of the training you are interested in.

Online trainings; It offers an interactive online training opportunity by taking place through the Zoom application!

Important Note: Due to COVID-19, we temporarily do not have offline education services. You can only register for online trainings

How Can I Participate in Online Trainings?

You can participate in all online trainings on our website by clicking the “Register” button on the page. After paying the fee; our team will be sending the instructions for participation in the training via e-mail. We recommend that you download the Zoom app from here in advance to avoid any technical problems while participating.

Which documents will be shared with the participants after the online training?

After the online training; all presentations and materials used in the lessons are shared with you. If the instructor allows it, you can even record the class!

Can I Make Payments by Credit Card?

Of course! You can make the payment directly with your credit card; you can also pay by wire transfer if you wish. The payment process in the system will guide you through it! If you want to pay by credit card, there is also an installment option for 7 bank family cards! Credit cards that currently have installment options; Bonus, World, Maximum, CardFinans, Paraf, Axess, Advantage

How many people are there in the trainings?

The maximum number of students per offline training is 20, but lower quotas can be set according to the needs of different trainings. In online trainings, the quota can be up to 50 people! You can find the most accurate figure on the detail page of the relevant training.

How can I be informed about new trainings?

We will send information e-mails to all people who have registered to our mailing list at certain intervals. You can also follow us on our Social Media accounts!

Will there be a Repetition of Trainings?

Offline and online trainings can be repeated upon request. If there is sufficient demand, all persons registered in our mailing list will be notified. The most important condition is to send us your request! You can also find it here.

Are There Special Discounts for Students?

Yes, we strongly support students to benefit from these trainings! There is a 15% to 25% discount for students depending on their education. In order to benefit from these discounts, it is enough to send us your student certificate from our e-mail address before making payment.