ICBC Turkey Bank | Agile & Scrum Training

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As Academy Club, we organized Agile/Scrum training for ICBC Turkey Bank department employees. During the trainings held between April 27-29, our trainer Onur Özcan explained in detail the important golden points for teams to effectively apply scrum to their business life.

What is Agile/Scrum?

Agile, project management, is a software development model based on the iterative software development model that encourages frequent, piecemeal software delivery and change to solve problems encountered in the software development process.

Scrum is a framework for agile project management that enables people to address complex and adaptive problems while productively and creatively developing products with the highest possible value.

In the Agile method, development processes are solved faster due to direct communication with the customer, and any change requested by the customer can be easily realized. With teamwork at the forefront, communication within the team is improved and problem solving can be achieved in a short time. Factors such as these have led to an increase in the success rate of projects today.

Scrum is the most popular Agile method. Scrum, which is preferred for managing complicated processes, is a method based on fragmentation and repetition. If we talk about the benefits of the Scrum method, the success rate of the project is high due to the trust between the customer and the developers, and the communication within the team is improved thanks to the development of intra-team communication and daily follow-up.

If we talk about why Agile Scrum is important today, our world and business models are changing rapidly, while companies are turning to agile methods in order to get ahead of the competition and proactively manage customer demands, we can take a step forward by developing ourselves in this subject.

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