Data Marathon | DataThon 2022

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Data Marathon | DataThon 2022

DataThon 2022 is starting!

Datathon 2022, the second stage of the Data Marathon organized with BTK Academy, Google, Entrepreneurship Foundation and Personal Data Protection Authority, is open to everyone who is dedicated to data science in Turkey and will have the chance to put what they have learned into practice!

What are the Recommended Trainings to be taken from ICTA Academy Online Training Portal before the Competition?

Python and Tensorflow for Data Science
Learning SQL with Applications
Introduction to Big Data
Machine Learning with Python
Introduction to Data Science with R
Data Science and Machine Learning Workshop – Bootcamp 2022

Datathon 2022 Process

Datathon 2022 Process

1. Log in to and apply for Datathon 2022 via

2. Participate in a contest on

3. Be among the top 10 teams/individuals and be included in the committee evaluation.

4. Be one of the top 3 teams/individuals and win your prize.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone over 18 can apply.

The competition, which will be held on Kaggle, will only be open to teams/individuals who fill out the application form. The invitation link will be shared privately with the applicants.

It is possible to participate in the competition as an individual or as a team. Teams can have a maximum of 3 members.

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