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Online Communication Training Package

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Weekend | 4 days (14 hours)
24 people


In December, we have gathered 3 trainings in a single Communication Package for you to learn more and discover more!

We will organize a live and interactive online Speaking Workshop, TEDx Talks Why TEDx Talks are Effective? and Applied Presentation Workshop trainings in total
950 TL
instead of only 450 TL!

Course Program

Day Content




This training is designed around exercises where participants can develop their basic skills to improve the quality of their communication in their professional lives. Within the scope of this training, participants will find ways to improve their communication performance through correct use of emphasis, effective intonation, exercises to prevent lip and tongue laziness, stage posture, stage use, body and gesture warm-up exercises and posture exercises. Participants will discover how to become a more dazzling and engaging speaker by learning techniques to make their presentations easier, whether in public or online on digital meeting platforms.

– Information flow about posture and body posture
– What is stage presence and how should it be?
– Why is the “45 degree audience angle” important?
– Correct gaze spacing and use in presentation
– Memorization techniques for participants who want to make presentations by memorization
– Formulas to make presentations easier without reading for participants who want to present by reading
– What is space opening and utilization?
– What is Marke? How do you create your own brand?
– Scenarios to continue the presentation when disadvantageous situations occur
– Temrin studies
– Detailed oratory exercises
– Spine-oriented warm-up before the stage
– Tongue, chin, upper lip and face lift
– Definition and operation of the diaphragm muscle
– Fragmented Breathing Techniques








Public speaking is an art form. Working together in this art form, you will learn how to design a presentation with a very different content, you will be introduced to the new face and bold style of presenting information, you will fill the souls and touch the emotions of the audience in presentations or team meetings. You will meet with an interactive training so that you can create and realize presentations where you are in complete control.

– What should a successful presentation framework look like?
– Unleash Your Inner Master: The Science of Passion and Persuasion
– How do the stories break down listeners’ prejudices?
– Which “6 Structures” make up a good story?
– “3 Simple Types of Effective Stories”
– Palmer’s 3 Suggested Steps to give the presentation of your life!
– Debunking myths with body language!
– Say something really “NEW”!
– How can you leave listeners speechless?
– Cheer up, chat, share personal stories, be transparent!
– How many minutes should a memorable presentation be and why?
– “Magic Number 7” but the +/- 2 Rule
– Paint the minds of your listeners with your pictures!
– Stay in your lane!






Expressing yourself correctly in a job interview, speaking in a team, having everyone at the table listen to you in a meeting, giving a speech in front of crowds inside or outside the company, and now online, presenting your professional life and yourself in a rectangular frame. The people who are now competent in all of these have brought themselves to where they are now as a result of many mistakes. This training is designed around the freedom to make mistakes. We will get you into trouble in this training so that anyone who learns presentation skills theoretically can feel the confidence of the best speaker in the world with their heart in their mouth.

– Exercises for liberation on stage
– Gaining flexibility in presentation with improvisational theater
– Practical intelligence exercises through the power of spontaneity
– Design a presentation outside your comfort zone
– The stage is yours!
– Detailed feedback to all individual participants on chronic rights and wrongs

End of Training Outcomes



It is aimed at people who want to achieve success with effective and proper speech, which is the first step of communication in business and private life. It is especially recommended for people who attend and present at many meetings, or who attend many meetings as the face of the company they work for and work in the sales departments of companies.


  • After this training, participants will improve their basic speaking skills with effective techniques. After the training, they will have the chance to repeat the exercises important for them in our training on their own with detailed exercises and individual assignments related to the methods they have increased their knowledge repertoire. In our training designed for participants to become a more remarkable speaker, they will be prepared for psychologically tense dialogues, meetings and presentations with general stage truths and breathing techniques.

Here are some of the questions you can find answers to in the “Speaking Correctly Workshop”:

Isn’t effective speech training for announcers?

What difference can the right speech make in my life ?

– Isn’t it the other party’s problem that I am not understood?

Why is it important to read correctly to speak correctly ?

Where should I make the right pauses in my speech for an effective and fluent speech ?

– Apart from pronunciation, what are the right gestures and facial expressions for the message I want to convey?

How often and before which situations should I repeat the exercises I learned in this training


It is intended for participants who make internal and external presentations and are likely to make presentations, as well as those who take part in their own internal team meetings. This training is also suitable for people who want to improve their communication and persuasion skills in one-to-one meetings.

  • By bringing a breath of fresh air to people who have the basic competencies for an effective presentation, they will be able to integrate the world’s most popular presentation methodology into their business lives for people who want to make new generation, high attraction presentations such as audience emotion and concentration management.

Some of the questions you can find answers to in the “Why TEDx Talks are Effective?” training:

– What should I do to avoid becoming a boring and difficult speaker?

– I am terrible at presenting, what practical tips can I use to improve quickly?

What are the most important secrets of public speaking ?

How important are stories and quotes in an effective presentation ?

How many minutes should a memorable presentation be?

– How can I make a cheerful and jaw-dropping presentation?



It is intended for participants who want to improve their classical presentation performances, who aim to increase their practicality with improvisation exercises in dynamic and improvised team talks, and who want to improve their persuasion and communication skills through unusual exercises.



  • Participants will not only be able to succeed in a rehearsed presentation, but will also improve stress management in spontaneous one-on-one meetings, meetings that can be handled under the title of negotiation, impromptu crisis and chaos moments. They will taste experiences they have not encountered before in terms of oral communication and discover the points they need to improve themselves by gaining awareness with individual feedback.

– What are the secrets to gaining trust in verbal communication?

– What are some practical methods to attract attention?

What should be the general structure of stories used to create impact in communication?

What kind of style should be preferred to be a speaker in the spotlight ?

– What are the ways to put the audience at the center for a memorable presentation performance?

– What should be the strategy to gain the moral high ground in opposing viewpoints?

– What tips can help you become a good speaker, a good listener and a good debater ?


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.

Who are our trainers?

Who is Umay Anadolu Kaboğlu?

Umay Anadolu Kaboğlu, who started her artistic life in her childhood years at the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Theater, continued her artistic life with Marmara University Department of Radio, Cinema and Television for her undergraduate education after taking part in IBB City Theaters Young Unit. After finishing her undergraduate education, Umay Anadolu received singing training at TAKSAV and continued her acting career in various TV series and commercials. In this process, after completing the Advanced Acting Department of Kadir Has University for her master’s degree, Umay Anadolu Kaboğlu continues to provide child actor coaching, on-camera acting training, diction and oratory trainings in many institutions.


Who is Uğur Tunca?

Uğur Tunca, who received training from private acting and cinema schools, worked as a director and actor in METU Theater Club for many years during his university years. During his undergraduate education in METU Mechanical Engineering, he continued his academic art education with courses such as Film Analysis, Art and Jazz History, Theater History. In 2016, she founded Sanatografi with the dream of a team to create her own productions. Sanatografi has produced and staged two theater, three stand-up and one interactive theater work in 4 years. Sanatografi, which currently creates its own series and cinema projects with its script team, has an academy consisting of many courses such as creative writing, acting in front of the camera, creative drama, basic-advanced acting, improvisational theater, art and science.



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