Online: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Models Package


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Online: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Models Package

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Ferhat Demir
3 days on 3 weekends (12 hours)
30 people


In February, we gathered 3 trainings in a single Entrepreneurship and Innovation Package for you to learn more and discover more!

Designing Disruptive Innovations with Blue Ocean Strategy, Designing Radical Innovations with Jobs-to-Be Done and Designing Lean Startup and Business Model trainings, which we will realize live and interactively online, are in total
900 TL
instead of only 750 TL!

Course Program

Day Content



Designing Disruptive Innovations with Blue Ocean Strategy


– Designing Disruptive Innovations with BO

– Not a Good Idea but a Good Opportunity

– Opportunity Analysis

– Strategic Thinking

– Competition and Growth Strategies

– Strategy-Innovation Relationship

– BO Six Trails and BO ERRC GRID

– BO Four Action

– BO Strategy Canvas Workshop

Duration 4 Hours




Designing Radical Innovations with Jobs-to-Be Done


– What is a job/need and how to find it?

– Innovation Not Product Improvement

– Experience Design

– Needs Based Segmentation

– Needs Based Idea Development

– JTBD Market Exploration Template

– JTBD Strategy Matrix

– Business/Needs Identification and Strategy Mapping Workshop


Duration 4 Hours




Designing a Lean Startup and Business Model


– Lean Startup Approach

– Hypothesis Development

– Identifying Innovation Opportunity and Focus

– Target Audience Identification

– Lean Canvas Preparation Workshop

– Identifying Income and Cost Items

– Identifying Sales and Communication Channels

– Determining Price and Marketing Strategy

– Business Model Design Workshop


Duration 4 Hours

End of Training Outcomes

  • To provide individual and corporate entrepreneurs with the necessary skills to design and manage their ventures correctly
  • Gaining strategic thinking competence and strategically implementing entrepreneurship processes
  • To be able to use the necessary tools to understand customer needs and wants
  • Designing high-impact innovations with Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Learning how to design high-impact innovations with Jobs-to-be-Done
  • Become able to apply the most important and necessary methods and procedures for successful innovations
  • Designing the business model effectively
  • Learning the lean startup approach
  • Understand lean and agile entrepreneurship and design lean startups

1. Is career change possible with the knowledge gained at the end of the training?

Yes. They can work in innovation, R&D, strategy, customer experience departments of corporate companies or start their own ventures.

2.In which sectors in particular can job opportunities be found at the end of the training?

In all sectors. Especially sectors that require a lot of creativity, design and innovation, such as fashion, media, gaming, electronics, pharmaceuticals.

3.Which positions can I work in at the end of the training?

Innovation specialist/assistant specialist

R&D specialist/assistant specialist

Product specialist/assistant specialist

Strategist/assistant specialist

4.Will the participants be qualified enough to have a job abroad with the training they receive?

Absolutely. We will teach the universal truths and best practices of entrepreneurship and innovation.


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.

Who is Ferhat Demir?

He has been providing strategy and innovation consultancy to companies in various sectors for about 15 years. He has managed projects in Turkey and in different countries. She continues her work in Istanbul and London.

After studying Industrial Engineering, he received his MBA from Kennesaw State University in the United States and his master’s degree in Public Policy, Economic Development from Georgia State University. During this time, he started his professional career as a process engineer at Assurant Solutions, a Fortune 500 company. After living in the US for 7 years and working as a Coordinator at Kuehne Nagel, he returned to Turkey and founded QGroup innovation agency. He prepared the strategic plans of a technology company, one of the biggest players in the sector. He established the corporate performance management department in the aforementioned company and initiated restructuring, process improvement and goal-based management projects. He was involved in the improvement of sales processes of a telecommunications company in Kazakhstan and strategic planning and restructuring projects of a cinema company in Kuwait. He managed strategic planning processes at Tübitak. Designed the organization’s innovation management processes. He worked with the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey on the development of innovation tools.

Demir’s portfolio includes many organizations ranging from SMEs to multinational companies, from public institutions to non-governmental organizations. He has developed many tools, methods and models for innovation such as Strategic Opportunity Canvas, Strategy Map, Strategic Business Model Design, Strategic Innovation Canvas, S-BUD, S3M-i (Strategic Management Maturity Model for Innovation).

He provides trainings, workshops and consultancy on specific topics such as Innovation Maturity Analysis, Innovation Road Mapping, Innovation Journey Mapping, Innovation Department and Incubation Establishment, Finding Innovation Opportunity, Clarifying Innovation Focus, Innovation Strategy Development, Strategic Alignment, Innovation Operation Model Design, Innovation Culture Development .

He teaches communication and innovation at Global Business School Barcelona and Bilgi University on a part-time basis and conducts many workshops for the innovation teams of Turkey’s biggest brands. In addition to his active work in the business world, he regularly publishes innovation-focused articles in magazines such as Harvard Business Review and is preparing his new book on innovation for the second edition.

“Eğitim fikirden prototip ürüne kadar girişimini hayata geçirebilecek ve radikal inovasyonlara imza atacak girişimciler yetiştirmek için tasarlanmıştır. Girişimcilik doğuştan gelen bir yetenek değil sonradan öğrenilen bir beceridir. Amacımız öncelikle başarılı girişimciliğin ciddi bir eğitim ve yönetim becerileri gerektirdiğine dair farkındalık kazandırmaktır. Sonrasında katılımcıları ve girişimci adaylarını başarılı inovasyonları hayata geçirebilmeleri için kritik bilgi ve araçlarla donatmaktır.”

Ferhat DemirStrategy | Innovation | Execution


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