Online Game Programming Tutorial with Unity 3D


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Online Game Programming Tutorial with Unity 3D

8 weekends

You want to develop games and you have great ideas but you don’t know how to start and develop them?

Google, Kolektif Academy and Pera Games have joined forces and created an ideal training program for you!
You will learn how to use Unity, how to design games and all the necessary technical details with 8 weeks of completely free training with expert trainers in their fields; You will be able to turn your dreams into reality under the coaching of Mevlüt Dinç, one of the founders of the game industry in Turkey!

Participants who successfully complete their games at the end of the training will have the chance to be funded by Pera Games to make their games reach millions!

Course Program

Day Content
Day1 Game development environment: Unity 3D Brief Introduction, Game element behavior development environment: Visual Studio Introduction, Introduction to C#
How to program the behavior of the elements in the game: C#: Variables, operators,
Continuing with behavioral programming: C#: Arrays and similar structures
Day2 Continuing with Behavior programming: C#: Functions and function scopes, Static variables, Global variables, Local Variables
Continuing behavior programming: C#: Decision mechanisms (if-else-else if), switch case
Continue with Behavior programming: C# Loops (for, while, do while, for each)
Day3 We are starting our game: Unity 3D Introduction, Stage Environment
Adding ready-made graphics and elements to our game: Asset Usage, Adding Assets to the project
Movements of game elements: Sprite usage, Sprite allocation operations
Day4 Setting the physical properties of game elements: What is GameObject, how to use it, Position, Rotation, Scale, how to use it
Let’s record our game scene: Scene Record
Scenes for two-dimensional and three-dimensional games: Working with 2D Scenes, similarities and differences between 2D-3D Scenes
Day5 Scene menu and Scene edits
Let’s design our game in layers: The concept of Layer, Stage Layout using Layers
What is prefab and how to use it
Day6 What is Component and how to use it
How to use the camera
Introduction to game physics: What is RigidBody2D and how to use it in Game Physics
Day7 How game elements collide: What is Collider2D, how to use Collider2D
Timing of game elements: What is Start, Update, Fixed Update, Late Update, and with what timing are they used in the game
Scripts for Characters
Day8 Input, Axis, Motion
Let’s manage time: The concept of speed, DeltaTime
Motion animations for game elements: Creating animations for characters
Day9 Creating child objects
Collision Detection
Canvas and Panels
Day10 Adding Sounds to the Game
TileMap and Grid
Realization of the above work with 3D and additional new features
Day11-12 Game Jam Vol1
Day13 Game Design and Hyper-Casual:
– Game design, story and character development, fundamentals for an immersive gaming experience
– Hyper-Casual and Casual Games: Main Mechanics, UI and Dramatic Structure
– Case Study: Analysis of a successful hyper-casual game
Day14 Art Direction in Plays
– What is Art direction in the game?
– Basic design principles and their application to games
– The impact of correct visual and auditory transfer in games
Day15 Game Session with Mevlüt Dinç
– The early years of the world gaming industry
– Gaming industry in Turkey
– Differences and, more importantly, common elements between the first games made and the games made later and today
Day16 User Acquisition
– What is UA? Why is it Important?
– Basic Tools
– Tips & Tricks
Day17-18 Game Jam Vol2

Prerequisites & Requirements

After reviewing the application forms, training information will be shared with those who are accepted.

Who Should Participate?

For those who say that I will write games and become an entrepreneur, who say that writing games is my biggest dream, who say that I have a game idea and I wish I could bring it to life, this program is for you!

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