Online: Holistic Wellness 101 | Individual Counseling


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Online: Holistic Wellness 101 | Individual Counseling

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Anil Turpçu
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Individual Session


“Gerçek sağlığın ne demek olduğunu öğrenmek isteyen, kendini iyileştirmek ve dönüştürmek isteyen herkesin bu eğitime katılmasını öneririm. Bütünsel sağlık sadece beslenmeden ibaret değil, kişinin yaşam hikayesi, yaşam tarzı, strese yaklaşımı, uykusu, hareket seviyesi, kendiyle ilişkisi, hayata bakışı, kendini ne kadar sevdiği ve kendi ihtiyaçlarına yaklaşımıyla da çok ilişkilidir. Sadece doğru beslenen veya yeterince egzersiz yapan kişi diğer unsurları dikkate almıyorsa sağlığına bütüncül bir yaklaşımla bakmıyor olabilir. Bu danışmanlık kapsamında bütüncül bir bakış açısıyla size özel beden, zihin, ruh dengesinde sağlıklı olmanın ne demek olduğunu konuşacağız ve siz bu bilgileri hayatınıza adapte edebileceksiniz.”

Anıl TurpçuFunctional Medicine Health Coach

What will the session be about?

Individual counseling on holistic healthy living based on preliminary information about the person’s life story and health history*!

Functional medicine is an approach to medicine that focuses on the root causes of diseases, rather than their consequences or symptoms, and aims for holistic healing by treating these root causes. Functional Medicine, which has a history of about 30-35 years in the US, has only recently become a recognized approach in Turkey. Many Functional Medicine Doctors, Dietitians and Life Coaches in Turkey and around the world have adopted this holistic medical approach to optimize and maintain the body, spirit and mind before they get sick.

In this session, with a personalized approach, Basic Information on Healthy Eating Plan, Practical Kitchen Information, Healthy Routines suitable for the lifestyle of the person, practical suggestions that can be adapted to his/her life for a healthy life and information to make them sustainable will be shared. At the end of this session, participants will have the basic knowledge about a healthy lifestyle that they can implement on their own.

*This includes information such as life story, history since birth, illnesses and complaints. Any tests, findings, etc. Value review and assessment are not covered by FT Life coaching.

What will we do?

Below are some of the topics that will be shared with the participants within the scope of the training, taking into account their own life histories. However, the individual session will be shaped in line with personalized questions.

* “Being Healthy” and “Holistic Healthy Living” from a Functional Medicine perspective

* Features of a healthy eating plan that everyone can apply from a Functional Medicine perspective and additional information if the person has a condition

* Foods to be avoided and added to our lives

* Routines that should be avoided and added to our lives

* Information on stress management, exercise, sleep

* Information on body awareness, self-listening, eating awareness

Who is Anil Turpçu?

For most of his career, he has worked as a manager in the fields of business development, planning, marketing and sales in Turkey’s leading domestic and foreign companies. During his time in corporate life, he was in search of solutions to the problems he experienced due to his own hypothyroidism, and in line with his research, he met the Functional Medicine Approach. She completed Functional Medicine Life Coaching and ICF accredited Professional Coaching trainings in 2020 in the journey she started to solve her complaints that increased with the birth of her son in 2018. After the trainings she received, she established the brand “Discover Your Health” in order to explain being healthy with a “Holistic Healthy Life” perspective to a wider audience and started to provide individual counseling and group counseling services in this context. It provides consultancy on the implementation of the nutrition program and the transformation of lifestyle with Turkey’s leading Functional Medicine Doctors and dietitians in the presence of a doctor and dietician in diseases requiring doctor control, and “Transition to a holistic healthy life” in healthy individuals. In addition, there is a nutrition and lifestyle change program focused on “Strong Immunity”.


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.


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