Online: Microsoft Power BI Training


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Online: Microsoft Power BI Training

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2 days at the weekend (16 hours)
30 people


Microsoft Power BI training that we will perform live and interactively online
1200 TL
instead of only 600 TL!

“Microsoft Power BI geçmişe ışık tutup geleceğe bakın… · Power BI ile farklı veri kaynaklarındaki verilerinizi tek bir tabloymuş gibi kullanmakla beraber, satır bazlı yetkilendirme ile tek bir rapor yaparak herkese farklı veri gösterebilirsiniz. Ayrıca bir web sitesinden güncel döviz bilgilerini raporlayabilirsiniz. · Hatta hatta PowerBI Report Server ile verileriniz kendi sunucularınızda güvende tutabilirsiniz. Verilerinizi görselleştirerek, hızlı ve doğru karar alın….”


Course Program

Day Content



Day 1
09:30 – 10:45 PowerBI login and Data Import
11:00- 12:00 Cleaning Data with Query Editor
Lunch Break
13:00 – 14:15 Introduction to Modeling Data
14:30 – 16:00 Working with Parameters and Functions




Day 2
09:30 – 10:45 Introduction to visualizations
11:00- 12:00 Types of report visuals
Lunch Break
13:00 – 14:15 Publishing and Sharing
14:30 – 16:00 PowerBI Report Server

Training Main Title Details

Data Retrieval
– Power BI Desktop Overview
– Power BI Desktop Startup
– Connecting to Data Sources in Power BI Desktop
– Clean and Transform Your Data with Query Editor
– More Advanced Data Sources and Transformation
– Cleaning Irregularly Formatted DataModeling
– Introduction to Modeling Your Data
– How to Manage Your Data Relationships
– Create Calculated Columns
– Optimizing Data Models
– Creating Calculated Measures
– Create Calculated Table
– Exploring Time-Based Data
– Row-based authorization (Row Level Security)
– Working with Parameters and FunctionsVisualizations
– Introduction to Visuals in Power BI
– Create and Customize Simple Visualizations
– Mixed Graphics
– Slicers
– Map visualizations
– Matrices and tables
– Scatter Charts
– Waterfall and funnel charts
– Gauges and single number cards
– Change colors in charts and visuals
– Shapes, text boxes and images
– Buttons
– Page Layout and Format
– Copying a Report Page
– Showing Categories without Data
– Z-order
– Visual hierarchies and drill-down
– Key Influencer Image
– Decomposition Tree Image
– PowerApps imagePublishingand Sharing
– Introduction to Power BI Service
– Publishing Power BI Desktop reports
– Content Packages, Security and Login to Groups
– Printing and exporting dashboards and reports
– Quick Insights in Power BI
– Create and Configure a Dashboard
– Sharing Dashboards with Your Organization
– PowerBI Mobile App
– Embed Report (Embedded Reports) PowerBI Report Server
– Why Report Server
– Requirements
– Installation
– Report Publishing
– Report Update
– Authorization

End of Training Outcomes

By learning how to analyze and report data with PowerBI Application, it is aimed to support decision-making for itself and its manager and to develop reports on business intelligence.

– With Power BI, you can use your data from different data sources as if it were a single table, and you can show different data to everyone by making a single report with row-based authorization. You can also report current exchange information from a website.

– You can even keep your data secure on your own servers with PowerBI Report Server.

Who is AcademyTech?

AcademyTech, which has been serving in the IT sector for nearly 20 years, provides technical trainings such as Physical and Cloud-based Server Systems, Virtualization Technologies, Wired and Wireless Networks, Cyber Security, Data Center, Integrated Systems, etc.; In addition, with its brand-independent perspective, it offers Consultancy and Installation services in all these areas in accordance with the needs of its customers.

A service company that has been awarded as the fastest growing IT company in Deloitte Fast 50 in 2014 and 2015 consecutively and provides advanced engineering services in the field of IT to organizations.

Europe’s largest non-production Cisco Datacenter; Network, Cybersecurity, Forensics and Forensics, Datacenter, Collaboration, Virtualization, Systems and Project Management in the fields of CCIE level with the highest certifications.


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.


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