Online: R&D Grant and Incentive Mechanisms from Idea to Investment


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Online:R&D Grant and Incentive Mechanisms from Idea to Investment

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Idil Totay GÜLSOY
1 day (3 hours)
20 people


Our live and interactive online training on R&D Grant and Incentive Mechanisms from Idea to Investment

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Training Hours Saturday : 11:00 – 14:00

Course Program


Public R&D Support Perspective in Turkey

Public’s perspective on R&D projects and companies, introduction of general concepts

  • What is R&D, What is Innovation?
  • What is a Grant?
  • What is an R&D Project?


What are the Available R&D Grants and Incentives? Who Can Benefit?

Detailed information on the scope, prerequisites, amounts, advantages and processes of the relevant support programs

  • Ministry of Trade
  • Technoparks / R&D Centers
  • European Union

End of Training Outcomes

At the end of the training, the trainees will have information about the support programs that they can benefit from for their companies or new initiatives, and will be able to determine the point and road map where they need to start. It will be able to create an additional resource with public support for technology development and R&D studies.

Who is Idil Totay GÜLSOY?

I work as R&D and Technology Funds Manager at Jupiter Venture & Consulting.

Since 2012, I have been providing consultancy on R&D grants and incentives offered by the public sector to technology developing companies in Turkey. I am involved in every step of R&D projects of different scales, from start-ups to conglomerates, from the design of R&D projects of different scales to the execution and management of application processes. I also continue to train and mentor new startups and entrepreneurs (or entrepreneurship centers) on topics such as Grant and Incentive programs, Project Writing.

*Actively carried out and managed the process of benefiting from R&D Funds and Incentive Mechanisms such as TUBITAK – TEYDEB, R&D / Design Center, Technopark in relation to more than 300 projects of more than 200 technology companies; provided more than 35 million grants to these institutions.

*He has organized various training programs on topics such as Entrepreneurship, Business Plan Preparation, R&D Concept in Turkey and Technology Funds for initiatives at different stages in many institutions and organizations; he has carried out training, consultancy and mentoring activities. So far, more than 1700 entrepreneurs have participated in the trainings it has organized; it has provided one-to-one consultancy and mentoring to nearly 600 entrepreneurs.

*He has provided various trainings for technology companies on topics such as R&D Concept in Turkey, R&D and Technology Funds, TÜBTİAK, Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology – R&D / Design Centers.


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İdil Totay GÜLSOY