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BTK Academy, created by BTK with a technological and constantly renewing education approach, is a training center that aims to transfer the current knowledge of the technology world to the public through online training certificate programs.

As Academy Club, the “1 Million Software Developers” project, which we continue in cooperation with Google and BTK, has been watched by more than 130,000 people. We have contributed to strengthen the vision and mission of ICTA Academy with these trainings we created with our expert instructor staff.

Our Trainings in ICTA Academy;

  1. Android Mobile Application Development Training with Kotlin (Basic and Advanced Level)

At the end of this training, which will be a roadmap for anyone who wants to start software for the first time and wants to develop mobile applications for Android, it is aimed that the participants will have the competencies that will enable them to develop software in Kotlin language and develop Android mobile applications after learning the basics.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin, which Google supports as the program language for the Android platform, is a static programming language that runs on the Java virtual machine and can also be compiled into JavaScript source code. It also includes many Android apps that we use frequently in daily life, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Netflix and Trello.

  • Compatible with Java:Kotlin is 100% compatible with Java and you can continue to develop a project that you started writing in Java with Kotlin.
  • You Write Less Code:Compared to Java, it offers shorter, cleaner and more understandable code.
  • Supports Different Platforms:You can easily use Kotlin on platforms where you can use Java.

2.Machine Learning with Python Training

In this training, which will be a step for anyone interested in data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, we aim to develop machine learning using the basics of Python software language. With this training, which includes plenty of real-life examples, we will be covering data science and data pre-processing stages in addition to machine learning.

What is Python, What Can We Do?

Python, an Object-Oriented, high-level, interpretable and interactive programming language, is free and open source and can run on almost all platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux…).

Although there is no limit to what can be done with Python, it can be used in many areas such as web-based application development, software development, data science applications and machine learning.

The fact that it runs on an interpreter system makes it executable as soon as you write the code. Here is what you can do at the end of the training;

  • Learn the basics of machine learning algorithms with Python and integrate them into real-life scenarios,
  • Understand the stages of data pre-processing,
  • Master definitions such as forecasting, regression, classification and clustering,
  • You will master the competencies to take the first step towards deep learning or incremental learning.

3.Mobile Application Course with Google Flutter

Anyone who is interested in this training, where we will take the first step into the industry’s next generation mobile development SDK, which has been rising rapidly since its first day, can participate. You will be able to develop your Android & IOS & Web software with a single code infrastructure with a training that teaches us the equivalent of Flutter, where we gain mastery in Dart language.

What is Flutter and What Are Its Advantages?

Developed by Google, Flutter is an open source mobile development user UI toolkit. You won’t lose performance as it directly interacts with the Platform. Dart, used for coding, is a programming language also developed by Google. The fact that it is an object-oriented and short language makes it easy to use.

  • For open source Flutter, you can follow the Github repo, browse commits, and contribute.
  • We can create applications for multiple platforms with a single software language. (IOS& Web& Android& Linux)
  • With the Hot Reload feature, you can instantly view changes as you develop.

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