ICBC | Introducing Git Training

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As Academy Club, we organized Introducing Git training for ICBC Turkey Bank department teams. Introducing Git, instructed by Atıl Samancıoğlu, was completed as a 2-day program.

What is Git?

Git is a version control system used by software developers. It is a system that allows to keep and manage the written projects on the internet instead of being threatened on computers or external disks. Also helps us speed up and maximize efficiency when developing our projects.

What are the Benefits of Using Git?

More than oneperson working on the same project simultaneously

If you are working on a specific project with more than one person simultaneously, it is very difficult to merge or exchange code. However, if you are using Git, it is quite easy to do this.


You can easily develop your project without being connected to any network, in Git each user has a copy of the project on their computer and can develop offline.

-Fastand small footprint

Git doesn’t take up much space on your computer and runs fast.

Ease of versionmanagement

You use many storage methods to save the project you are working on and you need to constantly back it up. However, if you use Git, you can easily access the current or final version of your project at any time.

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