ICBC Turkey Bank | Negotiation 101 Training

By 16 June 2022 No Comments

We participated in the training processes planned during the year with ICBC Turkey, one of the banks in Turkey that is innovative, open to development and provides quality services. We held the Negotiation 101 training, one of the trainings we planned together, with lawyer Burak Özdemir.

What is Negotiation or negotiation with this training? What is not? What do we need to succeed in a negotiation? We covered the golden tips for being a successful negotiator. Also, what does negotiation mean in the banking ecosystem, what is needed to be successful in a negotiation, what are the golden points to be a successful negotiator? They also focused on issues such as. At the end of the 2-day training, a special workshop was organized for the department employees and the training program was reinforced.

Negotiation is key to everyday business activities and being able to negotiate effectively in many different contexts is an important competence. This includes securing the best outcome for both parties and preserving valued relationships.

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