Turkcell Geleceği Yazanlar | Cyber Security Training

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With Turkcell, a leader with 25 years of industry experience and expertise in the field of information and communication technology, we provided Cyber security training to department employees within the training programs they organized during the year. In the training detail, introduction to cyber security, penetration tests, SOC Analyst topics were covered. We have prepared a total of 50 hours of online video training content within the training we realized for the future writers platform.

Cyber security consists of technologies designed to protect your devices, networks and data from attack or access. If we talk about the importance of cyber security today, many organizations hold and store a significant amount of data.

Since many companies communicate with multiple institutions and organizations, they transmit information to networks and devices. The necessary cybersecurity measures should be taken to protect their job security and secure their personal information.

If we talk about the duties of cyber security experts, although it varies according to their field of work, cyber security employees are responsible for Cybercrime investigation and analysis, Red Teaming makes security analysis against external attacks, detects problems in the network system with penetration tests and creates solutions, as well as providing detailed information and training on cyber security to the employees of the institution where they work.

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