Docker Basics Training

Docker Basics Training

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Docker is a developer tool that has gained popularity in the world in recent years.

On Linux and Windows operating systems, it allows a virtual processing unit isolated from the rest of the system to boot up in a split second. The biggest difference from the classical virtual machines we know is that it works with operating system support without the need to virtualize the hardware, putting very little load on the system.

Participants will learn about basic container management and how to scale Docker across multiple nodes in a simple Swarm or Kubernetes cluster. In addition to the basic information required for Docker in the training, it is to explain the problems solved by Docker and Container technologies and to introduce these technologies in practice, as well as to ensure that the participants receive detailed practical information about the subcomponents that make up the Containers and thus internalize this technology.

About Education

In Docker Training, you will find Docker fundamentals such as installation, testing and deployment of containers, as well as in-depth creative and innovative Docker security topics.


What is Docker
What is Inclusive
Docker Architecture
Docker Architecture Sections
Docker Creation
Docker Installation on Windows/macOS and Linux and Basic Settings
Docker Machine, Docker Installation via Vagrant
Docker Network Basics
Introduction to Docker and Container Technologies

Basic Commands
Docker Hub Introduction
Creating a Docker Hub Repository
What is Docker File
What is Docker Image
Docker File Commands 1-2
Docker File Multi Stage
Docker File Multi Stage Sample
Docker Pull and Push Concepts
Creating Docker Registry
Docker Registry and Private Repositories
Creating and Configuring Docker Images
Docker Containers and Runtime Properties
Creating and Running a Simple Web Application
YAML files
CI/CD Servers
Ansible / Puppet / Chef
Docker Volume
Docker Network
Docker Network Basics and Different Use Cases
Docker Storage Basics and Different Use Cases
Docker Compose
Docker Compose as a simple editing tool
Making Practices Inclusive from Simple to Complex
Basic Linux Concepts used in Docker
Docker Swarm
Organizing Containers with Docker Swarm
Container Alternatives to Docker

Who Should Receive the Training?

Software developers, DevOps team members, SRE engineers, SRE engineers, System experts who develop, manage or maintain Container applications, DevOps team members, SRE engineers, System experts who want to gain strong first-hand knowledge and experience in Container and Docker should attend this course.

Plan this training institutionally!

This training can be planned in different durations and content specific to your organization. Please contact us for detailed rich content and planning to realize your training objectives.

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