Online E-commerce and E-export Training


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Online E-commerce and E-export Training

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Analytica House
2 days (8 hours)
30 people



Do you want to learn about E-commerce and E-export from the best in the industry? E-commerce and E-export online training, where we will start from scratch and progress to the details, support with workshops, and work with expert trainers in the field, is waiting for you. You can participate in the training program that will take a total of 8 hours to be given by Analytica House, the doyen of the sector, and you can get your online certificate at the end of the program.

Training Hours: Saturday-Sunday : 11:00 – 15:00

Course Program

  • Sector Overview / INVESTMENT SIZE

Is E-Commerce for me?

Definition, history, development and future predictions, commercial advantages/disadvantages, place in the economy, industry giants, failure examples, success criteria, required competencies.

  • E-Commerce & E-Export Business Models /BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT SIZE

E-Commerce & E-How I built my export business model fictionalize?

How it is handled as a business model, exemplary business models, players, required specializations, all third parties. The money flow and the technology (knowledge) flow of the business are things to consider when creating a model.

  • E-Commerce Platforms / STRATEGY SIZE

Best fit for my Business Model How do I choose the platform?

Comparison of platform provider alternatives with certain criteria, selection of the most suitable platform provider for the business model. All providers will be considered strategically (costs, ease of use, developability, gaps, etc.)

  • E-Commerce Organization / ADMINISTRATIVE DIMENSION

What kind of people do I need for my business model? I have to workwhat kind of people should I hire?

Creating insource and outsource teams in line with the business model, determining competency criteria, high motivation and sustainability strategies.

  • Payment Methods in TR and Globally / FINANCE SIZE

How will I get paid and at what cost?

Differences between payment systems and important criteria. Advantages provided by banks, technical actions, etc.

  • E-Commerce and E-Export Logistics / LOGISTICS DIMENSION

How will I deliver my products and How much will it cost me?

Logistics management elements in e-commerce and e-export and partner selection.

  • Digital Marketing in E-Commerce and E-Export / ADVERTISING STRATEGY DIMENSION

How do I make my brand how can I promote it, how can I make it work, how much will it cost me and how will it help me?

Advertising channels, management and partner selection in e-commerce and e-export.


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.

Prerequisites & Requirements

You do not need to have any prior experience to take the training.

Who is Analytica House?

Analytica House, which is both a Premium and E-Export Partner of Google and an official partner of leading marketplaces such as AliExpress, provides digital marketing consultancy and management services to many leading brands from different sectors, especially in the fashion industry. Kıvanç Ünal, who founded Analytica House after his senior marketing role at Trendyol, and Barış Gürbüzler, who took an active and successful role in many aspects of Analytica House, especially performance marketing, will conduct one-to-one training series with the participants within the scope of this training.

At first I thought I might find it difficult to understand and follow. However, I had no difficulty because the training was created in a very clear and fluent program content. The trainers supported the theoretical information with examples from the agenda to help us understand better. In addition, being able to get instant answers to all the questions I had in my mind made me very satisfied.

Ferahnaz ApdicFounder | Büyükdere35 Culture and Art Platform

It would be good to see future-oriented trainings as well as topical ones. I would like to thank Kolektif Academy for enabling us to have a pleasant time in these days.

Denizhan ZaimogluBusiness Development Manager | Danone

It was very good that the training was comprehensive and the knowledge transfer came from practical experience. Although it was a busy and long program, it was easy to follow.

Hakan YarmanParticipant | E-Commerce & E-Export Training


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