Online: Social Media Growth Targets | Tips and Tricks


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Online: Social Media Growth Targets | Tips and Tricks

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Weekend 1 day (5 hours)
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Training Hours: Saturday 11:00-16:00

“Eğitimin ardından, sosyal medya hedeflerini, kişisel veya iş alanına kolayca ve net olarak uygulayabileceksin. Bu da işin veya markan için başarılı adımlar atman demek. Artık planlama zorlukları senin için tarihe karışıyor.Dijital pazarlama alanındaki kolektif tecrübemizi, değerli vaka çalışmaları ve diğer sektörlerin uzmanlık bilgileri ile harmanladığımız bu eğitimle birlikte, hedefine ulaşmana yardımcı olacağız.”

Arife & Azize GökCEO & Co-Founders of Del Cielo

Why Should You Take This Training?

Storytelling and learning while having fun are becoming more and more important. This is affecting the advertising industry and will soon change editorial media content. Only companies and brands that can use it correctly will be able to reach their target audiences emotionally.

Building a loyal brand community with a good story, good content and added value is all about the right social media strategy – and that’s exactly our goal. Are you ready to write your own story and start your own business or brand?

Course Program

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The importance of goals

Identifying, discussing and analyzing social media goals

Social Media Goals I
#1 Let’s create community
Pretend you’re a completely new account, eager to create scrolling posts and take your brand into the future, and get on the path to community building:
-Top 1000 Instagram followers
-Instagram #strategies
-Member and Instagram follower growth

#2 Best content
Your unique style and brand look is the best way to create a loyal community. How about making a lasting first impression of brand content?
-Discover your brand identity with a custom design
-The most popular photo editing apps to make your life easier
The easiest way to make your Instagram feed eye-catching

#3 your brand, your story (story, IGTV & reels)
Take your social media strategy one step further with Instagram stories. Discover the latest and greatest features with Instagram Stories, IGTV & Reels. Take advantage of all this and create content that everyone wants to see:
– How to Use Stories, IGTV & Reels for Business
– Planning Instagram Stories, IGTV & Reels campaign
– Your personalized guide to using stories, IGTV & reels for business

Social Media Goals II

#4 Increase brand engagement
Create a custom plan and use the Instagram algorithm to draw people’s attention to your brand. There are countless ways to increase Instagram account engagement:
– Get more engagement from Instagram Stories, IGTV & Reels with 15+ options
– The best time for you to post
– Make attention-grabbing headlines

#5 Make more sales
From a simple photo app to a comprehensive sales network for companies. Win big for every purchase that appears on your channel:
– Instagram Shopping Guide
– Plan the product launch
– Content & Commerce Mix (Social Media Today)

#6 Creating unique social video content
Videos have become the most important tool for marketers. Learn how to record, edit, share and optimize video for Instagram:
– Perfect IGTV setup
– 10+ best video editing apps
– Instagram Videos & IGTV Guide

#7 Click & Chat
You can easily grow your business on Instagram with the help of useful tools and features. Make clicks and conversations work for you by using the right strategy:
– How to increase traffic and sales on Instagram
– How to increase clickable content on Instagram
– Instagram checklist

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Who are our trainers?


Arife Gök holds an International Management and Engineering degree in Media Technologies and is fluent in English and French in addition to her native German and Turkish. After completing his education, he first moved to San Francisco and then to Los Angeles. During his two and a half years there, he worked as a consultant for brands such as Porsche, Mercedes & Ford, Thomas Sabo, Hugo Boss and Walt Disney.

Arife is also the founder and director of del Cielo Digital Agency in Istanbul. Together with its agency, it specializes primarily in the automotive sector. Today, he can proudly add his name to those of his partners Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Maserati, with whom he has successfully provided consultancy and support services for the European and American markets. She also writes for her own online business magazine “on Marble” where she encourages young women and entrepreneurs and offers tips and advice on innovation, business, career and lifestyle.


Born in 1989 in Germany, Azize moved to the Netherlands when she graduated from high school, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Tourism Management in 2014. During and after her undergraduate studies, she spent about six months in cities such as Dubai, Moscow, Mexico City, London and Los Angeles for business development and marketing projects. In addition to her native languages German and Turkish, she has learned English, Dutch and Spanish as a result of her multicultural life.

In 2015, he and his sister founded del Cielo Digital Agency in Istanbul. Here, it networks companies and people, creates synergies and brings valuable content with the right story to its target audience. Aziza also blogs regularly for On Marble magazine. She supports young women and entrepreneurs with lifestyle and career articles.


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