Online: The Most Effective Growth Methods on Youtube | 2021


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Online: The Most Effective Growth Methods on Youtube | 2021

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Serkan Eskalen
2 days at the weekend (6 Clock)
20 people


Training Hours: Saturday – Sunday : 12:00-15:00

“Youtube kanalınızı büyütmek, geliştirmek ve para kazanmak için son model 2021 detaylı tüm güncel bilgiler ve teknikler bu eğitimde olacak. Youtube uzmanlık eğitimi kapsamında konuşulmayan konuları ve anlatılmayanları anlatıcaz ve konuşucaz.”

Serkan EskalenDijital İletişim Danışmanı

Why Should You Take This Training?

At the end of the training, participants will learn the dynamics of Youtube, know how to create their channels, learn how to create content for youtube algorithms and how to mobilize and tickle the masses, and will have gained all the knowledge formation and technical learning with practice.

Today, YouTube is our second largest search network after Google. By learning, knowing, comprehending and applying the dynamics of this vast video geography, you will be able to embark on new business lines and integrate into today’s new media world, learning in the best way for both your career and your own business, and you will have gained the transition to new opportunities.

Course Program

Introduction to Youtube and what can be done in this field?
How to manage Youtube SEO?
How to manage Youtube content and how to deliver the right content?
How to manage video content edits and video optimization?
How to adjust video content titles and content settings?
What are the keyword management methods on Youtube?
How to provide strategies and arrangements for increasing video views? How can I mobilize the audience?
How do I ensure that my videos are watched and my channel grows according to the YouTube algorithm?
How to develop a video content strategy on YouTube?
How to understand, interpret and analyze Youtube analytics? At the same time, the training will end with interactive participation in the form of question and answer.

Who Can Participate?

People who want to make money on YouTube

Aspiring YouTubers

Those who want to learn how to manage a YouTube channel the right way

SMEs and small-medium enterprises who want to take their business to Youtube

Those who want to move and manage their business on Youtube at individual or corporate level

Anyone who wants to serve and pursue a career in this field can participate.


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.

Who is Serkan Eskalen?

Born in 1987 in Istanbul, Serkan Eskalen graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Management and Bahçeşehir University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Advertising and Marketing. He has over 9 years of experience in many digital advertising agencies and media organizations. She has carried out and managed social media communication management, media planning, advertising management and digital communications within the scope of all media and entertainment for many brands and organizations. With her experience and experience, she provides professional digital marketing and social media communication management consultancy services to many brands and organizations. She also provides digital communication and social media marketing trainings to both individual and corporate company groups online.


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Serkan Eskalen