Online: Video Editing Tutorial with Adobe Premiere


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Online: Video Editing Tutorial with Adobe Premiere

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Çağrı Tulumoglu
4 weekdays (12 hours)
15 people


“Bu eğitim programı ile temel video, ses, efekt, yazı tekniklerini mantığıyla öğrendikten sonra, programda kendimizi geliştireceğiz ve programın sonunda birlikte bir kurgu yaparak eğitimi taçlandıracağız.Eğitim programını kategorilere bölerek, daha kolay anlaşılır bir şekilde adım adım uzmanlığa doğru bir yol alıp programa tamamıyla hakim olabileceğiz!”

Çağrı TulumoğluVideographer

Training Hours: 19:00 – 22:00 (Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday)

Why Should You Take This Training?

Take a look at the experiences you will add to yourself for only 4 days in the Video Editing from Scratch with Adobe Premiere training we prepared with Çağrı Tulumoğlu!

  • You will be able to learn everything an editing operator needs to know
  • At the end of the course, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You will be able to produce videos for social media.
  • You will be able to have the special effects packages we have put together for you.
  • You will be able to combine videos, photos, graphics, and music in a meaningful way, and then organize and edit them into an editing logic.
  • You will learn every piece of information you learn, along with the reasons why.
  • You will be able to adjust the light and color settings in your videos with the lessons in the color editing category.
  • You will learn how to maintain an organized work environment and edit quickly.
  • You will be able to get special effects packs.
  • You will be able to edit a fiction project from start to finish with the effective techniques you learn in this course.
  • You will learn how to add text, photos and videos on top of your images and edit them with effective techniques.
  • You will have practical knowledge about sound and sound arrangements.

Course Program

Video (1 hour)

  • Recognizing the Interface: Creating a New Sequence
  • Adding Video to Project – Import process
  • Recognize Working Windows
  • How to Organize Windows Your Way
  • Project Window and Tools
  • Timeline Layers and Logic
  • Timeline Tools
  • Program Window and Tools
  • Source Monitor Window and Tools
  • Let’s Start Editing CUT!
  • Practice with what we have learned

Effect in Video (1 hour)

  • Effect Window
  • Logic and Use of Transitions
  • Effects Window Video Transitions
  • Effect Window Audio Transitions
  • Transition Effect Shortcuts
  • Effect Controls Window
  • Effect Controls: Keyframe
  • Timelineda Keyframe: Opacity and Audio
  • Adjusting Opacity on Video
  • Project Window Items
  • Resize Videos and Images in Different Resolutions
  • Putting an Image on Video (Logo)

Text on Video (40 Minutes)

  • Type Tools
  • Fonts – How Do I Find Fonts?
  • Legacy Title
  • Legacy Title Tools
  • Legacy Title – Post Styles
  • Essential Graphics
  • Making Marquee
  • Inserting a Scene into a Post

Audio on Video (1 hour)

  • Sound and Accurate Volume Adjustment
  • Recognize and Play Audio Channels
  • Video and Audio Synchronization
  • Add Music to Videos
  • Fiction with the Rhythm of Music
  • Extending the Duration of Music
  • Sound Effects
  • Bottom Sound Pickup
  • Voice Thickening and Thinning

Color in Video (1 hour)

  • Video Profiles: Linear and Log
  • Video Colorization: Lumetri Color
  • Lumetri Color Tools 1
  • Lumetri Color Tools 2
  • What is LUT and How to Install it?
  • Apply Color with Adjustment Layer
  • Psychology of Colors and Their Effect on Film
  • Color Exercise

Video Speed (30 Minutes)

  • Speed Up, Slow Down and Stop Video
  • Limit on Video Slowdown: FPS
  • Speed/Duration Options
  • Time Remapping: Keyframe on Slowdown
  • Timelapse and Timelapse from Video

Mask on Video (20 Minutes)

  • What is Mask?
  • Using a Mask for Color Application
  • Mask Tracking – Motion Tracking

Video Stabilization (10 Minutes)

  • Using Warp Stabilizer

Export Video (20 Minutes)

  • How to Export/Output?

Order in Editing (10 Minutes)

  • Foldering in the Project Window
  • Working with Sequences
  • Timelineda Grouping: Nest
  • Working with Colored Labels: Labels

Working with Heavy Projects (10 Minutes)

  • Watching Without Freezing: Render
  • Program Ram Reserve
  • What is a Proxy and How to Use It?

Advanced Program Features (1 hour)

  • Shortcut for Quick Cut
  • Program Shortcuts
  • Change the Default Transition Effect
  • Green Screen App
  • Adding Cinematic Bar
  • Scene Overlap
  • Export without Transparent Background
  • Adding Grid (Reference Line) to Videos
  • Using Multicam
  • Media Encoder Queue Usage
  • Give Motion Blur to Images
  • Keyframe Types
  • Track Matte Key: Put Video into Figure
  • Difference between Vector Motion and Motion
  • Safe Space/Safe Margins
  • Seeing Transparency/Transparency Grid

Advanced Program Features (1 hour)

  • Cut Editing for Youtube
  • Disappear in Video Effect
  • Censorship Effect
  • Swish Pan Effect
  • External Preset (Effect) Loading
  • Use of Special Effects
  • Giving Artificial Motion to a Still Camera
  • Handy Transition: Special Transitions Project


  • Making Fiction Together
    General Question and Answer

Prerequisites & Requirements

Participants are required to download Adobe Premiere Pro program before coming to the training.

The training will be given on Windows 10 operating system.


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.

Who is Çağrı Tulumoğlu?

I’m Çağrı Tulumoğlu!

I have been working in video production for about 7 years. After shooting promotional and commercial films for various brands and companies professionally, I turned to documentary production.
Some documentary programs I made for TRT Türk and TRT Haber:
Morning in Anatolia (39 episodes), Being from there (26 episodes), Pazar Yeri (12 episodes)

I also shot and edited a one and a half hour documentary for the Prime Ministry Promotion Fund called Our Coasts, where I introduced the coasts of Turkey.
After my documentary experience, I started producing content for Social Media. I have produced content for many big youtube channels.
I am currently shooting and editing television programs for Disney Channel.


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Çağrı Tulumoğlu