Online: Interior Architecture: Space Sketching and Perspective Drawing Tutorial


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Online: Interior Architecture: Space Sketching and Perspective Drawing Tutorial

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Eda Zamanpur
3 weeks 6 days (12 hours)
30 people


Training Hours: 20:00 – 22:00 (Monday-Thursday)

Interior Architecture for the last 5 quotas for Black Friday: Space Sketching and Perspective Drawing
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Why Should You Take This Training?

Interior Architecture we prepared with Eda Zamanpur: Space Sketching and Perspective Drawing training, take a look at the experiences you will add to yourself for 3 weeks, only 2 days a week!

In these lessons, we will talk about which stages we should follow when designing areas such as living spaces, hotel rooms, cafes, how we should think, and which methods we can solve and draw our plan section and perspective sketches before deciding on the actual design.

During these sketching stages, we will learn how to develop concepts, decide on materials and give character to our design by drawing and deciding together.

We will make applications on perspective drawing in interior space and focus on freehand drawing techniques. We will proceed with examples on material and detail representations with watercolor and marker coloring techniques.

Thus, we will help them to express the space they have designed with plan, perspective and section sketches while developing it at the same time!

Course Program

Perspective in the interior

Explaining the main perspective rules, reinforcing perspective knowledge with different space examples

Expressing different materials with watercolor

Drawing the space on the plan as a sketch from different perspectives, taking into account its form and function

The importance of drawing alternatively as a sketch before starting the actual drawing

After choosing a solution among them, thinking about that space in 3D and choosing points a and b from the right points in the plan and perspective drawing sketch from these angles.

Sketch of sectional drawings of the plan

To detail these scenes during sketches and to start thinking about color and material on those sketches

To exemplify this by doing sketches at the same time, for example a hotel room design or a simple kitchen living space design.

Reinforcement by giving examples through some drawings I prepared before.

Selecting a few scenes and describing single escape and then double escape perspective on them

Prerequisites & Requirements

High school students preparing for the interior architecture departments of universities, high school students studying at the fine arts faculties of universities or anyone interested in interior architecture, decoration, design and sketching stages can participate.


Charcoal 2b, 4b pencils

Watercolor paper

Drawing paper

Watercolor brush.

White gouache paint.

Marker pens


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.

Who is Eda Zamanpur?

After my education in fine arts high school painting department, I received a full scholarship undergraduate education at Yeditepe University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Interior Architecture. During my studies, I participated in certificate programs including Milano Naba Academy. During my time in Antalya, I made design and application projects, mainly office projects. Recently, I have been focusing on my artistic works and doing painting and illustration works with different techniques in my studio.
Beykent interior architecture students online perspective and sectional perspective drawing techniques course on the plan, artistic collaboration with Vogue Turkey watercolor works, artistic video collaboration with Twist, artistic video collaboration with Twist, customized product collaboration with Bera design, illustration and video works with Seen pieces, Silk and Cashmere showcase and gift card designs, you can also view my office work and personal painting works in the field of interior architecture on Instagram.


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