Orchestration and Kubernetes Training

Orchestration and Kubernetes Training

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One of the most notable advantages of Kubernetes is that it saves developers the time and effort they would otherwise spend on finding and implementing ways to make their applications work well.

It is designed for system administrators and application developers who want to scale, deploy, and organize your container applications, and for system administrators and application developers who want to step into Kubernetes basic concepts and internal processes where you will continue on basic level docker.

About Education

Provides an intensive and detailed introduction to Kubernetes concepts and usage. With this course, you will learn all the basic concepts of designing, developing and deploying an application in Kubernetes.

Orchestratration, What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes Architecture

Basic Commands

Pod, Deployment, Namespace,Service Creation With YAML,Kubernetes Dashboard

Manual Scheduler, Label Selector Annotations, Request and Limit Definitions

Monitoring and Logs

Lifecycle, Liveness HTTP TCP GRPC Example

Network Structure

Kubernetes Master Setup

Kubernetes Worker Installations

Overlay Configuration

Kubernetes Volume topics will be emphasized.Kubernetes Overview

Kubernetes Architecture and Core-Concepts

Kubernetes Scheduling

Kubernetes Logging and Monitoring

Kubernetes Application Lifecycle and Management

Kubernetes Security Methods

Kubernetes Storage Structure

Kubernetes Network Structure

Kubernetes Cluster Design and Setup

Kubernetes Cluster Maintenance

Kubernetes Troubleshooting

Who Should Receive the Training?

  • Beginners in computer and software engineering
  • Those who want to have programming skills
  • Those who want to master the product development process
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Linux System Administrators
  • System Design Engineers
  • IT Architects

Plan this training institutionally!

This training can be planned in different durations and content specific to your organization. Please contact us for detailed rich content and planning to realize your training objectives.

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