Google & Entrepreneurship Foundation | Flutter & Unity Bootcamp

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We successfully completed the Industry readiness bootcamp with Flutter and Unity, which is one of the comprehensive projects we conducted with Google and the Entrepreneurship Foundation. In this bootcamp process, the applicants were divided into 400 groups of 5 people. These groups were divided into Unity and Flutter depending on their subject-specific areas. These groups assigned their own names and uploaded their projects on GitHub. In the bootcamp, which lasted a total of 2 months, our trainers Sercan Yusuf and Tolga Hıçkıran organized live broadcasts both to clarify the places where the participants got stuck technically and to make a general evaluation about the Bootcamp. After the last sprint, participants uploaded their projects to itch.io. Afterwards, the participants and the jury voted for the top 10. The top 10 participants made their presentations to the jury and introduced their products, and after the jury presentations, the participants who qualified for the top 3 were determined. At the end of this project, all participants were able to simulate how a real product is created and developed in business life.

What is Flutter?

Flutter helps to develop applications on platforms such as Android, IOS. Published by Google in 2017. With Flutter, you can easily develop a high quality mobile application. Easy to learn and practical, you can create a personalized mobile app and get high performance on web and desktop browsers. With Flutter, you can create apps at an affordable price.

What is Unity?

Unity is a game and application development platform. Many games made today (Call Of Duty Mobile, Angry Birds, Temple Run, Super Mario Run, Crossy Road) are designed with Unity. The most important feature of Unity is that it is free. This way, creators can easily improve their apps. Unity is compatible with C#, which is an advantage for beginners. Games built with Unity are Android and IOS compatible. Today, the number of companies working with Unity has increased considerably. In this way, the search for employees with Unity knowledge is increasing day by day.

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