Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training


Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Training

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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform with an ever-expanding set of services to help you build solutions to meet your business goals. Azure services support everything from simple to complex.

Azure has simple web services to host your business asset in the cloud. Azure also supports running fully virtualized computers that manage your custom software solutions. Azure provides a wide range of cloud-based services such as remote storage, database hosting and centralized account management.

Azure also offers new capabilities such as artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT)-focused services.

This course provides a basic understanding of cloud services and how they are delivered in Microsoft Azure.

Attendees will learn the principles of cloud computing and how they are applied in Microsoft Azure; see the process of implementing Azure infrastructure consisting of virtual networks and storage; learn how to build the most common Azure services such as Azure virtual machines (VMs), Web Applications, and SQL databases; learn about pricing and support services available with Azure; understand some of the core Azure services and solutions, as well as key Azure services related to security, privacy, compliance and trust; and gain an overview of public cloud computing concepts as well as public cloud computing models and services such as Public, Private and Hybrid cloud and Infrastructure Services (IaaS), Platform Services (PaaS) and Software Services (SaaS).

About Education

Education Objectives:

  • Understand general cloud computing concepts
  • Understand the core services provided with Microsoft Azure
  • Understand security, privacy, compliance and trust with Microsoft Azure
  • Understand the pricing and support models available with Microsoft
  • Cloud computing, Azure and Azure subscriptions
  • Developing Azure Web Applications
  • Create and configure VM (Virtual Machine) in Microsoft Azure
  • Create an Azure virtual network
  • Azure storage
  • Database deployment in Azure
  • Azure AD


Training Content:


  • MODULE 1: CLOUD CONCEPTS / Getting Started with Microsoft Azure

In this module you will learn basic cloud concepts.

Understand general cloud computing concepts

What is cloud computing?

What is Azure?

Why Cloud Services?

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS)

Public, Private and Hybrid cloud models



In this module, you will learn the basic core services available with Microsoft Azure.

Understand the key services provided with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure management tools

What is Azure PowerShell?

Azure SDK and Azure CLI

Core Azure architecture components

  • Core Azure Services and Products

Azure Solutions

Azure management tools

  • Cloud storage

Understanding cloud storage

Create and manage storage space

  • Microsoft Azure databases

Understanding options for relational database deployment

Create and connect to Azure SQL databases



In this module, you learn about security, privacy, compliance, and trust with Microsoft Azure.

Understand security, privacy, compliance and trust with Microsoft Azure

  • Virtual machines in Microsoft Azure

Create and configure VMs

Configure disks

  • Secure network connectivity in Azure

Core Azure Identity services

Security tools and features

Azure governance methodologies

Monitoring and Reporting in Azure

Privacy, Compliance and Data Protection standards in Azure

  • Web Applications and cloud services

Creating and configuring web applications

Deploying and monitoring web applications

Building and deploying PaaS cloud services

  • Create and configure virtual networks

Getting started with virtual networks

Virtual networking

Get started with Azure Load Balancers

  • Create and manage Azure AD

Azure AD Overview

Manage Azure AD authentication




In this module, you will focus on the pricing and support models available with Microsoft.

You will understand the pricing and support models offered with Microsoft

Azure subscriptions

Manage Azure Subscription management, support and billing

Planning and managing costs

Support options available with Azure

Service lifecycle in Azure

Who Should Receive the Training?

  • Employees working in the Information Technology (IT) Departments of Institutions or Companies,
  • Employees working in companies that produce system and network solutions,
  • Experts in the IT Departments of SMEs,
  • Those working in Microsoft Business Partners,
  • Microsoft Systems Engineer
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • System Analyst
  • Technical Advisor
  • System Support Specialist
  • System Specialist / Senior System Specialist
  • System Administrator


Basic knowledge or experience of IT terminology would be beneficial.

Plan this training institutionally!

This training can be planned in different durations and content specific to your organization. Please contact us for detailed rich content and planning to realize your training objectives.

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