Online: 360° Creative Brand Consulting


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Online: 360° Creative Brand Consulting

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Buse Topsakal
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Who is Buse Topsakal?

After graduating from Saint Benoit French High School, Buse Topsakal continued her education in New York and graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Visual Communication Design. During her university period, she completed 1 year of certificate programs at Milano Domus and Naba Academy illustration and stylish design departments. Designed digital campaigns for 134 dutyfree stores in 24 different international airports and promotional content designs for Istanbul new airport. He is the founder of Feyling underwear brand, Caim&co women’s clothing brand, Ronde digital communication agency, 272creative creative project management agency and 272conceptstore, where young brands meet. He continues his academic studies simultaneously.

He created personal brands such as caim&co, feyling, ronde, 272creative, 272concepstore. Apart from these, he worked as a design and creative consultant for many brands during the creation phase.

What will we do?

Participants will share the courage and experience they need to realize the dream of creating a brand. Brand creation is not only a product-oriented initiative but also a brand owner-oriented one. Anyone who dreams of creating their own brand and owning their own business can realize this dream.

With the participants, we will evaluate the design process of brand creation as 360 degrees (logo-content-package-digital visual language) and we will make improvements suitable for today’s current marketing, target audience and brand.

Ways to differentiate from other brands will be explained. Recommendations will be made for the brand’s purpose and insight.

A sense of brand will be identified.

What will be the issues to be addressed?

There will be 8 main sections and 3 workshops.

Main Headings

Let’s think of your brand as a 360-degree creative.
Think of your brand as a human being.
Create a creative and memorable brand identity.
What is your brand good for?
What emotion does your brand embrace?
Be your brand that communicates.
Play to the extremes.


Let’s consider your brand as a 360-degree creative.
Create your own brand or let us improve your existing brand.
Think of your brand as a human being.


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.


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Buse Topsakal


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