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Online: Amazon FBA Training

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Mehmet Tek
2 weekends (16 hours)
50 people


“Bu kurs Amazon’da ticaret yaparak para kazanmak isteyenler özellikle Türk üreticilerin ürünlerini Amerika Avrupa gibi Amazon pazar yerlerinde nasıl satış yapacağınızı öğrenmek isteyenler için harika bir kurs olacak.”

Mehmet TekAmazon FBA Eğitmeni


In this course, you will learn how to do e-commerce on Amazon with the FBA model. First, you will get to know Amazon and the FBA system. You will learn how to open your Amazon account and how to select and analyze products step by step after familiarizing yourself with the Amazon platform.
After product selection, you will understand how to find and buy products from manufacturers and wholesalers and how to send products from Turkey. After learning how to prepare the Amazon page of the products, information on sales strategies will be shared.
*Prior to the course, Amazon FBA training on Udemy will be given as a gift to the students.

Training Hours: Saturday-Sunday : 12:00 – 16:00

Course Program

Day 1:
– What are Amazon business models and Amazon FBA?
– FBA roadmap
– Budget planning
– Some terms on Amazon -FBM – FBA- Best seller
– Opening a Payoneer bank account
– Open an Amazon account
– Suspend problem
– Brand
– Frequently asked questions
Day 2:
– Product research criteria
– Product analysis programs
– Sample product research – with software
– Advanced product research tactics
– Table of product ideas
– Analysis of products
– Competitor analysis
– Comment Analysis
– Making a difference
– Deciding on the product
Day 3:
– Methods for finding suppliers
– Supplier websites
– Finding suppliers from Turkey and around the world
– Supplier selection criteria
– Sending products from Turkey
– Packaging, boxing and barcoding
– Cargo companies
– Exports – micro exports
– Product listing
– Product page creation word analysis
– Title and descriptions
– Photos
Day 4:
– Amazon A9 algorithm
– Launch strategies
– Giveaway word analysis
– Giveaway distribution
– advanced PPC tactics
– Advanced sales tactics
– Chinese tactics
– Trademark registration
– Selling from other lists
– Sharing experience

Who Should Participate?

This course will be a great course for those who want to make money by trading on Amazon, especially for those who want to learn how to sell Turkish manufacturers’ products in Amazon marketplaces such as America Europe!

Prerequisites & Requirements

There are no prerequisites to take the training.

Before the online training, we will provide the Amazon FBA training on Udemy free of charge to the participants, it will be much more beneficial for you to watch this training beforehand!


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.

Who is Mehmet Tek?

He is a professional trainer in the fields of E-Commerce and Software-Programming.

He has more than 18 courses in English and Turkish and has trained more than 100,000 people around the world online. Our trainer says he loves teaching and helping people.

Fields of Interest

– Python – Data Science – Artificial Intelligence

– E-commerce – Amazon FBA – Digital Marketing

– Web Development (Html-Css-Javascript-Java-C#-Node.js-React-Angular-Vue)


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