Online: Collective Stories Workshop


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Online: Collective Stories Workshop

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Kübra Patıl Aydın
Weekend 1 day (2.5 hours)
7 people


The Collective Stories Workshop, which we will organize live and interactively online, is only 250 TL instead of 550 TL special for this week!

“Kolektif Hikayelerde beraber hikayeler üreteceğiz. Birimizin başladığı hikayeyi kaldığı yerden diğeri devam ettirecek. Ve ortaya tek bir hikaye çıkacak. Çok eğlendiğimiz, konfor alanımızın dışına çıktığımız, bazen hikayeyi nasıl bağlayacağımızı bilemediğimiz, ama mutlaka bir yere bağladığımız, anlatırken üretmenin nasıl olacağını yaşayacağız.”

Kübra Patıl Aydın

Training Hours Saturday : 12:00 – 14:30

Course Program

It is a working system where ‘in the moment‘ production is made, where production reaches its peak by adding on top of each other.
Every collective work necessarily enables us to engage in the creative process and produces results with a multiplier effect compared to individual production. It often allows us to come up with stories and ideas that we could never have imagined on our own.
Our starting point on the road to creativity starts from stories. And in these workshops we will produce one of these stories.

Warm-up Games: This is the part where trust in the moderator and the environment is ensured, the hierarchy is distanced, and small games that will trigger the creativity of the participants and strengthen their communication.

StoryCreation: This is the section where participants create stories with the guidance of the moderator.

Feedback This is the section where answers to questions such as what we liked, what we didn’t like, what we realized about ourselves in this story are shared. Learning the ideas and feelings of other participants on the collectively produced story is one of the main elements that increases the synergy of the team.

End of Training Outcomes

You will gain the opportunity to expand in your field with an increase in spontaneous production abilities in the face of situations, the development of the ability to find practical solutions in times of crisis, and an increase in creativity.

Improved mood
Development of collective creativity
Stretching your mind as if you were exercising
Strengthening expression
Gaining the ability to think outside the box
Deepening relations
Getting out of your comfort zone
Increased flexibility in the face of situations

As the groups progressed through the workshops, it was observed and expressed that creativity and flexibility increased, and the depth of team relationships developed naturally and sincerely.

Who is Kübra Patıl Aydın?

In the 13 years of my career, which started in 2002, I have been involved in managerial roles in corporate structures in areas such as performance management in sales and marketing, strategy planning and linking it with action, channel development, creating a common language in sales and marketing and spreading common goals.

Since 2016, I have been working with companies from different sectors on business development, strategic planning, company positioning, presentation and content design in my own company. I take an active role in the end-to-end management of TEDxReset conferences.

I organize activities that create spaces for people to express themselves with different game fictions where we build collective and improvised stories with groups.

At the same time, I continue to work on breath coaching and meditation with groups and individuals.


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Kübra Patıl Aydın