Online: Freelancing and Branding Training


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Online: Freelancing and Branding Training

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Polin Kouyumciyan
2 days (4 hours)
20 people


Training Hours: Saturday-Sunday : 12:00 – 14:00

“Dijitalleşen dünyada, freelancer olmak çok yükselen bir trend.
Karşılıklı soru-cevap ve sohbet eşliğinde, freelance çalışmaya, marka kurmaya ve her ne işte olursanız olun, kendi işinizi pazarlamaya ve müşteri bulmaya beraber başlayalım!”

Polin KuyumciyanFreelance Grafik Tasarımcı & Marka Yaratıcısı / PK Design

Why Should You Take This Training?

Are you curious about the freelancing model that covers almost every sector and best suits the new living arrangements?
Do you want to start freelancing but don’t know how to take that first step? Or have you switched to freelancing but haven’t yet figured out how to promote yourself and how to find clients?
Do you want to learn the tricks of being your own boss and setting your own working hours?
Can two jobs go hand in hand? How can you optimize your time and your own capacity for this?
Is building a brand your dream like many others?

Let’s list everything you need to know from A to Z before building a brand and answer all your questions.

Course Program

Lesson 1
– General Introduction
– Becoming a Freelancer: How? Why?
The process before you start working as a freelancer, do’s and don’ts, tactics to position yourself, stories, examples and personal advice from graphic designers around the world

– Time Management and Getting Organized
Here are 5 important steps and tips to make time management, one of the most important steps of freelancing, easier and more accessible.

From the organization of the workspace to the organization of time, place and agenda that comes from knowing oneself, 5 important steps and tips.

Lesson 2
– Self-Marketing
To get to know oneself first and then to promote oneself, both personally and through examples from the world.

– Customer Finding / Selection / Screening
Information for freelance designers about finding and convincing clients and building a sustainable relationship. As the designer gains experience, the process of selecting and eliminating clients suitable for the designer’s time management and preferred branches; detailed and exemplified expression.

– Building a Brand
Supported by personal examples, how was PK Design founded in addition to freelancing? Finding an idea for building a brand, the steps to be followed in its establishment, product production, follow-up and balancing freelance work and the brand.


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.

Who is Polin Kouyumjian?


Polin graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Graphic Design program in 2011. After returning to Istanbul, he worked at Ogilvy & Mather and later at İKSV, adapting to the pace of work in Turkey. Following these, he established his own studio in 2014 and started freelancing. Since then, he has been providing design services to local and global companies and brands such as Güçlü Kırtasiye, Tarko Kozmetik, Hacı Bekir, Assan Gayrimenkul, Keskin Color, İKSV, Epsilon Publishing House, BUGECE, Tepta Aydınlatma and Apple. In 2015, she turned her love for paper into a brand, which had always been her dream, and founded a stationery brand called PK Design.

Polin, who is currently running two businesses at the same time, will share with you all the points he has learned and continues to learn from his business life.


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Polin Kuyumciyan