Online: Strategic Marketing in Fashion Design


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Online: Strategic Marketing in Fashion Design

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IFA PARIS Istanbul
3 weeks and 2 days (18 Clock)
16 people


Training Hours: Tuesday- Thursday : 18:30-21:30

“Dünyadaki sosyal, ekonomik ve kültürel değişim ve gelişmelerden çok hızlı etkilenen moda sektöründe, pazarlama ve markalaşma faaliyetlerini örneklerle inceleme şansınız olacak. Bunun yanı sıra, moda endüstrisinde pazarlama ve marka yaratımı konusunda profesyonel bir bakış açısı kazanarak, mevcut veya olası iş planlarınızı destekleyecek stratejik pazarlama metodlarından faydalanabileceksiniz.”

IFA PARIS Istanbul

Education Objectives

Education Objectives

To gain an up-to-date perspective by examining the latest strategic marketing trends, especially in the fashion industry, in today’s market where the current situation of many sectors is parallel to the marketing activities they perform,

To examine the segments of the fashion industry in detail,

To examine how brands in the fashion industry carry out their marketing activities.

Course Program

What is marketing and in what situations has it been used?

What is “fashion”, which is actually an abstract concept, and how has it evolved until today? / 3 hours

We will discuss the definition of the concept of marketing and examine at which points we apply the concept of marketing in the global world order where we produce and consume more than we need these days. In addition, as we will examine strategic marketing methods especially in the fashion industry, we will discuss the existence of fashion, its history and how it is sustained today with examples.

Discussing market segmentation and brand positioning, one of the main topics of strategic marketing methods / 3 hours

We will examine the communities, i.e. segments, within the main headings of the strategic marketing concept, by considering the hierarchical order in the fashion industry. We will examine the motivations, lifestyles and common characteristics of brands and the customer segments that follow them. With this review method, you will have the chance to easily analyze the target audience that an existing brand or a new brand you want to create needs. In addition to this review, we will also see with examples how to do the brand positioning we need to differentiate ourselves from other brands in the market.

What is a brand? How to create a value proposition and build brand equity? / 3 hours

A common characteristic of building a brand, past and present, is the desire to be “noticed”. We will examine some helpful rules for getting noticed, creating value and communicating that value to consumers based on David Aaker’s branding template.

Examination of Product and Place concepts included in the 4Ps of marketing / 3 hours

In this course, the value offered can be a product, a service or a service, and specifically the definition of “product” is discussed. “What is the product, what does it tell us, how can it be developed and what does it tell us when it doesn’t sell? In addition, what brands shape their product range according to and the intangible and tangible effects of the product on the consumer are examined.

While we are on the subject of “product”, it is also appropriate to mention the “brand extension” strategy. This is because often when brands want to expand their presence or reach a wider audience, they prefer to do so with a new product category. When we examine “Place”, we will examine where and how companies & brands maintain their presence through which distribution channels.

Examining the concepts of Price and Promotion, which are the continuation of 4P / 3 hours

In particular, we will discuss pricing strategies for the fashion industry. We will discuss the pricing strategies of small fashion labels that have recently entered the industry, especially with the pandemic and human rights becoming more vocal, and the paths taken by companies that do business on a global scale. In addition to this, we will be looking for answers to the questions “what are the methods of promotion in the fashion industry and how much of it is really necessary?” at a time when we can see the direct penetration of social media and technology into our lives with naked eyes.

5, a later addition to the 4Ps. Examination of P (People) and discussion of the latest developments in strategic marketing methods in the fashion industry (sustainability, ethical fashion, slow fashion eco-friendly brands, etc.) / 3 hours

Starting from Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we will look for answers to the questions of why people need “fashion” and what are their motivations in this regard. In addition to this, considering that the textile industry is the second most damaging sector to the world and the destruction of natural resources, we will conclude the course by addressing the topics of sustainability, ethics and slow fashion, which big brands and governments also use as a strategic method.


Who Can Participate?

It is a program developed for those who want to gain experience in the fashion industry or who are curious about the fashion market and want to observe how a brand stays up to date and continues to function in our age.

Recommended for both students and professionals.


At the end of the online training, an internationally recognized IFA PARIS Istanbul certificate will be awarded.

Who is Selin Koç?

After graduating from Yeditepe University Fashion and Textile Design, Selin Koç completed her master’s degree in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management at Istituto Marangoni. After working in companies such as Boyner, Morhipo, Sudi Etuz, she founded her own sustainable fashion brand Sculpture. She teaches fashion management, fashion marketing and strategic marketing at IFA Paris and Yeditepe University.


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