Online: Gamification in Marketing Strategy Training


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Online: Gamification in Marketing Strategy Training

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Zehra Tuğçe Erül
1 weekend (4 hours)
50 people


“Oyun insanlık tarihi kadar eski bir olgu. Tüm kültürlerde yeri olan sosyal insan ilişkisinin önemli bir parçası. Bugün $150 Milyar’ı aşan büyüklüğü ile sinemadan büyük olan bu sektörün uygulama tekniği olan oyunlaştırma ise daha yeni bir kavram”

Zehra Tuğçe ErülMarketing And Business Development Executive

Training Hours: 12:00 – 14:00 (Saturday-Sunday)

Why Should You Take This Training?

Take a look at the experiences you will add to yourself for only 2 days in the Gamification in Marketing Strategy training we prepared with Zehra Tuğçe Erül!

In this training, which explains the impact, application techniques and examples of gamification, which allows adapting the success and problem-solving ability of games to different sectors, you will discover the potential of game and game design elements in non-game categories and get the tools you will need for effective use in your own projects.

Course Program

Games and Gamification

    1. What is Gamification? What It Is Not
    2. Game Design
    3. Gamification Techniques
    4. Gamification application areas and examples

Gamification in Marketing

      1. The Place of Gamification in Marketing Strategy
      2. Game Design, Gamification and Marketing – User Motivation / Reward Mechanisms
      3. Steps to Make Gamification in Marketing a Project
      4. 10 Best Gamification Apps in Marketing


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.

Who is Zehra Tuğçe Erül?

In her 20-year career, she has gained experience in marketing, digital marketing and advertising on both agency and brand side.
He established Arçelik Turkey’s digital marketing department, built and grew the data-based marketing media business within Hopi, the personal shopping app of Boyner Holding.
He has worked on campaign fictions for dozens of different sectors from retail to automotive.
With his admiration for the data-driven decision-making processes in the game industry, he found himself producing and publishing games in the game industry.
He gave certificate trainings on digital strategy and marketing in institutions such as Bilgi University, Bahçeşehir University, iab.
An engineer obsessed with prime numbers, a fan of Alice in Wonderland, combining instinct with analytical thinking


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Zehra Tuğçe Erül