Online Personal Branding Training in Digital


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Online Digital Personal Branding Training

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Haydar Ozkömürcü
Weekend 1 day (3 hours)
10 people


Training Hours 10:00 – 13:00

Why Should You Take This Training?

If you can succeed in personal branding in the digital world by applying what you have learned in this training to your life, you will become in demand and become a person who gives confidence to your target audience. For this reason, you should definitely take personal branding training in digital and then integrate what you have learned into your life.

Course Program

Why is Personal Branding Necessary?
How to Create a Digital Image?
Integrity in Social Networks
Personal Website
How to Write a Blog Post?
Personal Instagram Management
Personal Twitter Management
Personal LinkedIn Management
Personal Youtube Channel Management
Personal Press Communication

End of Training Outcomes

After the digital personal branding training, you will learn how to stand out from the huge crowd in the digital world, how to build trust in the target audience, and how to focus more on your career and business.


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.

Who is Haydar Özkömürürcü?

During his professional career, he has worked with more than 300 brands worldwide such as General Electric, Johnson & Johnson, T. İş Bankası. It also has more than 3000 students who are already actively working in the sector. He writes articles in leading publications of the sector such as SEMrush Blog, Brandmap and has been selected as the most influential person in Turkey in the field of Internet and Technology.


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Haydar Özkömürcü