Online: Spiritual Counseling Chakras and Intuition Workshop


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Online: Spiritual Counseling Chakras and Intuition Workshop

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Özüm Hatipoğlu Başkök
2 days at the weekend (5 hours)
20 people


The Spiritual Counseling Chakras and Intuitiveness Workshop, which we will conduct live and interactively online, is special for November.
550 TL
instead of only 250 TL!

Training Hours: Saturday – Sunday : 13:00 – 15:30

Course Program

  • The spiritual causes of our troubles and how to transform them
  • The truth behind physical ailments and events
  • Relationship healing with Etheric Disconnection
  • Perception of Abundance & Prosperity and Transforming false beliefs about money
  • To be successful with our true capacity by getting rid of the identity we should be in our business life
  • Karma
  • The beliefs of our ancestors and the effect of our traditions, customs and moral judgments on our lives
  • The Relationship between Chakras and the Levels of the Nafs
  • Masculine-Feminine Balance
  • Telepathy
  • Astral Travel
  • Increasing Intuition
  • Focus, concentration and breath
  • Surrender

End of Training Outcomes

This training is open to anyone who wants to create radical changes in their lives.

▪︎Gaining a deep awareness of what you are experiencing and why
▪︎Manage stress
▪︎Taking your life in your own hands
▪︎Become able to transform the blockage in your life without needing anyone

Note: It will make a big difference for you not to be forced to come and to be able to do the individual transformation assignments that will be given at the end of the study by allocating 25 minutes for yourself during the day.

Who is Özüm Hatipoğlu Başkök?

Although I graduated from Ege University as a philosophy teacher, I have been doing spiritual counseling in my own office for four years because my life goal is to show people that everything they experience in their lives is due to their own consciousness frequencies, that they can transform them on their own, and that every distress we experience actually contains a teaching.
During my sessions, I use Theta Healing, Access Bars, Reiki, yoga, breathing and meditation, aiming to reveal the person’s true potential with philosophical questions and answers.


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Özüm Hatipoğlu Başkök