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Online: Storytelling: Storytelling in Business

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Didem Boz Kaya
1 day (3 hours)
10 people


“İş toplantıları, sunumlar, müşteri ziyaretleri... Kurumsal dünyanın her alanında dikkat çekmek, akılda kalmak ve ikna etmek için iyi birer hikaye anlatıcısı olmaya ihtiyacımız var.”

Didem Boz KayaProduct Management Expert /Storyteller

Training Hours Saturday : 11:00 – 14:00

Course Program

Whether our aim is to inform, educate or motivate our teams, it is useful to ask ourselves the following questions in our speeches and presentations:

– How do we feel?
– Can we connect with our audience?
– What impact does what we say have?
– How memorable is the information we convey?
– Are we credible and convincing?

In this training, we will answer the above questions by utilizing Storytelling tools, one of the most prominent topics of the last period.


-Basic principles of storytelling
-Connecting with our story
-Connecting with the listener
-Creating a story

Who is Didem Boz Kaya?

Didem Boz Kaya holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Boğaziçi University and has over ten years of experience in Product Marketing Management. He started his corporate career at Turkcell and managed the marketing and branding processes of BiP, fizy, lifebox.
Didem Boz Kaya has been working as the Product Manager of fastPay application at DenizBank since 2018. His areas of expertise are brand management, product marketing and customer experience management.
Didem Boz Kaya has been working on performatics and corporate storytelling since 2015. She participated in the Seiba International Storytelling, The Way of the Storyteller two-year certificate program. She completed “The Story Skills Workshop” organized by Seth Godin and RIT “Storytelling in the Workplace” trainings.
She has combined the corporate world and storytelling under the “isteherseyhikaye” platform, of which she is the founder. She gives “Storytelling” trainings in many institutions such as Boğaziçi University, Yıldız Technical University, Doğuş University.
She works with entrepreneurs on storytelling and narrative coaching in investor presentations.

Who Should Participate?

Entrepreneurs, designers, marketers, anyone interested in storytelling can participate in the training.


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Didem Boz Kaya