Online: The Importance of Story in Brand Creation


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Online: The Importance of Story in Brand Creation

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Asena Saribatur
Weekend (5 hours)
20 people


Training Hours Sunday : 12:00-17:00

“Marka yaratım sürecinde hikayenin önemi... Marka tanımının sosyal medyanın da etkisiyle karmaşaya uğradığı bu dönemde,hikayenin tüm bu yaratım sürecinin en önemli noktası olduğuna dair detaylı bir inceleme yapacağız.”

Asena Sarıbatur

Who is Asena Saribatur?

Asena, who found herself and what she wanted by studying in different fields, studied Economics and then Cinema for the visual world she said she felt she belonged to. Her education in this field benefited her a lot, and then she realized that she was more impressed by the stylistic details of Cinema and turned to the world of fashion, which has always interested her. Her passion for magazines and her love for visuals led her to Istanbul Fashion Academy and then to study Fashion Styling at Istituto Marangoni. 9 years ago, she entered the industry with her internship at Marie Claire magazine. Trainings and internships followed by freelance styling. He produced content for many magazines. She wrote fashion articles for Milliyet Newspaper for 5 years. In all this process, he has always been involved in the digital world as well as traditional media. He produced projects with many brands as an influencer. Never forgetting that fashion is a global phenomenon, especially after her education in Milan, she participated in many events and fashion weeks in fashion capitals such as Milan and Paris for years, both in the digital field and representing the institutions she worked with. She gives fashion trainings at Istanbul Fashion Academy, and since writing is one of the things she enjoys the most, producing content for magazines is always on her agenda. She makes awareness-raising TV programs in the field of fashion and continues to carry out digital projects with brands by actively using social media. In this last period, when she announced her own brand, which she has been working on for 1 year, she is preparing to actively add the life styling process to her life without compromising her multi-disciplinary structure.

Why Should You Take This Training?

Do you want to start your own brand but can’t decide on a starting point? Does an idea that makes sense at one moment lose all its appeal in your mind after a while?

We’re going to figure out together what it is that you need to focus on, and we’re going to figure out what your story is, and we’re going to build it together, and we’re going to take a detailed look at how story is the most important part of this whole creative process.

What are the issues we will focus on?

What is a brand?

What should be considered in the brand creation process?

How to create a brand identity?

How to build what it takes to be a real brand from the very first moment?

Is creating a logo and an Instagram page enough to become a brand?

Does a brand without soul and energy, without a solid foundation have a chance to succeed in today’s world?

What should be considered to reflect the world of a brand accurately in every detail?

Will new story-driven brands change the industry?

An analysis of how brands that are embedded in our hearts and minds are placed there through examples

How do we use the digital world, which is indispensable for a brand to reflect itself, according to the brand’s line?


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.


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