Basic Excel Training

Basic Excel Training

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Microsoft Excel is not only an indispensable package program used effectively in the business world, but also the most used tool in education, budget planning, routine planning, simple calculations, and creating tables with data. The efficient use of the Microsoft Office Excel program is especially beneficial in increasing productivity in institutions, preventing loss of time and indirectly reducing institutional costs.

With Basic MS Excel Training, you will understand the basic working logic of Excel, create regular tables with data and print out these tables, solve the problems they encounter in daily life thanks to simple calculations and functions, and analyze difficult-to-understand data on a visual diagram thanks to graphics.

At the end of the Excel trainings, participants will master the use of MS Excel and will be able to use Excel faster and more effectively.

Participants who have completed the Basic Excel training can continue their development without slowing down with Advanced Excel Training.

Thanks to the Basic Excel Training, company employees and all individual participants will have learned one of the most important programs of the MS Office family.

About Education

Education Content

MODULE 1: Basic Microsoft Excel Training Topics

Excel Course Part 1: What does MS Excel do?

General functions of Excel application. Where should we use it?

Microsoft Office Excel screen and terms used

Inspecting toolbars

Customize toolbars and menus

MODULE 2: Working with data

Data entry

Organizing data

Delete data and cells

Election procedures

Column and row operations

Insert cells, delete cells and clear cells

Cut, copy and paste operations

Paste MS Excel sheets as links in other documents


Series and lists

Special series

MODULE 3: File Operations

Open a new file

File saving

Horizontal split of the work screen

Removing, freezing, defrosting compartments

MODULE 4: Formatting

Using the font group

Giving a border to cells

Using the alignment group

Using number types (Currency, date, percentage, etc.)

Create special number types

Format as table and cell styles using styles

Locking cells

Using the format painter

Conditional formatting

Easy finding of data suitable for the desired criteria from a large data set

MODULE 5: Page setup

Add a page

Page naming

Color the sheet tab

Delete, move and copy a page

Header and footer editing

MODULE 6: Printing operations

Preparing the page for printing

Prepare themes using the page layout tab

Specify margins, orientation, size print area

Compress the page for printing

Using the header and footer fields

Center tables on pages

Track page break

Print settings

Print preview

MODULE 7: Working with graphics

Understanding charts

Create and edit charts

Changing chart options

Graphic types (Pie, Column, Line, Radar)

Formatting charts (adding titles and series)

Removing and adding series from a chart

Using graph axes and grid lines

Who Should Receive the Training?

  • Those who want to master the basic controls of MS Excel,
  • Those who want to create reports in Excel and, accordingly, sheets with a visual activity,
  • Those who want to design and make the results of statistical data understandable with formulas and graphs,
  • Those who want to use Excel faster and more effectively,
  • People who should definitely take Basic Excel training before learning Advanced Excel,
  • It is suitable for everyone, whether an individual or a corporate employee.


  • Basic computer and operating system knowledge is required.

Plan this training institutionally!

This training can be planned in different durations and content specific to your organization. Please contact us for detailed rich content and planning to realize your training objectives.

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