Design Thinking Training

Design Thinking Training

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Design thinking offers a practical framework to redefine the relationship and boundary between individuals and institutions and to identify the differences. In this training, you will not only learn all the details of this approach comprehensively, but also gain the skills to move from idea to action, to free creativity, to design change, and you will see the methods of applying it to daily and professional life.

How can we develop innovative products, services and systems that focus on human needs?
Design Thinking Training addresses the new way of doing business of many innovative initiatives and corporate structures in the most comprehensive way. This methodology facilitates team collaboration and allows us to approach the process of developing people-oriented projects and businesses in a systematic way.

In this course, you will understand the basic principles of design thinking and learn the basic methods and tools of each step.

About Education

Education Objectives:

  • To learn about the design thinking approach,
  • Understand the relationship between innovation and design thinking,
  • Understanding the design thinking method: Empathize, Define, Ideate now, Prototype the idea, Test the idea
  • To acquire creative thinking skills and practices,
  • Learning the process of moving from idea to action,
  • To realize practices of freeing creativity,
  • Developing skills to design change,
  • Use design thinking practices and tools,
  • Use idea presentation techniques and visualization tools,
  • Context Research: Learning to research the problem at hand, recognizing opportunities,
  • User Research: Learning how to empathize with people through field research methods, discovering their deeper needs (functional, emotional and social),
  • Design Synthesis: To be able to visualize research findings from personas to the user experience map and derive meaningful insights,
  • Innovative Idea Development Methods: Exploring creativity and developing innovative ideas through various individual and group brainstorming methods,
  • Prototyping and User Testing: To learn how to prototype our idea quickly and improve it with user feedback; to minimize risk and discover ways to innovate as a result of risk,
  • Storytelling for Innovation: Understanding the power of stories, the story of the idea and the ways to make people share the solution and spread the idea,
  • To acquire a solution-oriented, sharing, flexible way of thinking to develop century skills,
  • Develop your creative skills and learn to design innovative processes to solve complex challenges,
  • Learn how to make extensive and powerful use of next-generation tools to present ideas effectively and efficiently,
  • You will learn all phases of the design-oriented approach and its application in different fields.


Training Content:

  • Design thinking approach

The relationship between innovation and design thinking

The most basic concepts and components of design thinking, how it differs from existing ways of thinking, comprehensive and up-to-date successful case studies, design thinking and innovation

Designer Perspective

Place in Today’s Context

Basic Principles

Inspiring Examples from Around the World

Framing the Design Problem

Determining the Research Scope

Context Research

User Research

  • Initial Findings and Deepening Research

Design Synthesis

Implications and Insights into Human Needs

Context Research – Deepening

User Research – Deepening

  • Design thinking method



Effective idea generation

Intellectual prototyping

Testing the idea

Creative thinking skills and practices

  • Feedback Activation
  • Transition from idea to action

Practices for freeing creativity

Developing skills to design change

Steps from idea to action, taking action for lasting change, triggering creativity, finding true inspiration, learning from mistakes, sustainability of change

Design thinking practices and tools

Idea presentation techniques and visualization tools

Design thinking through practical tools, effective presentation techniques, visualization of ideas

All stages of the design thinking method, techniques for understanding the need and problem correctly, thinking like the problem owner and empathizing, free thinking exercises, idea finding techniques, brainstorming practices, worst idea techniques, prototyping and testing, continuous feedback practices to reduce risks, creativity release exercises

  • Determining the Design Approach and First Ideas

Finalizing Design Synthesis

Identifying Needs and Opportunity Areas

Determination of Design Direction

Gathering Inspiration from Different Sectors

Individual and Group Brainstorming Methods

  • Introduction to Prototypes and User Testing

Different Prototyping Pathways

Creating the First Prototypes

What is User Testing?

How is it done?

Planning User Tests

  • Storytelling for Innovation

Learning from User Feedback

Prototype and Solution Idea Development

Storytelling for Innovation

Inspiring Examples from Around the World

Constructing the Story of the Idea

  • Learning Cycle

Final Projects

Overview of Individual Experience and From Own Experience

Next Steps

Where and How to Use it, Evaluating it Together

Evaluating the Process as a Team

Who Should Receive the Training?

  • Those looking for a new way of generating ideas and problem solving skills,
  • Those who have trouble solving problems in everyday life; those who are looking for a new perspective,
  • Managers and team leaders dealing with complex problems,
  • Communication professionals who want to rebuild corporate culture,
  • It is suitable for managers and anyone interested in the program who wants to explore project or product management according to plans.

Plan this training institutionally!

This training can be planned in different durations and content specific to your organization. Please contact us for detailed rich content and planning to realize your training objectives.

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